How Much Michael Kors Watch Battery Replacement Cost

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You are in the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss Michael Kors watch battery replacement cost and also tell you the procedure of replacing a battery.

Does Michael Kors watch battery replacement cost?

For most watch lovers, a battery replacement is usually an expensive affair. However, there are some exceptions to the rule. For example, the Michael Kors Watches have a standard battery that will cost you around $20.

However, the replacement is still cheaper than the original price of $200. So, if you’re looking for a cheap and safe replacement, the Michael Kors Watch battery is a good choice.

Michael Kors was born Karl Anderson Jr. but is currently the honorary chairman and chief creative officer for his company, Michael Kors Holdings Limited (KORS).

His fashion accessories brand has become one of America’s leading luxury designers and other brands like Coach Inc., Polo Ralph Lauren Corp., Prada Spa, Calvin Klein Inc, Tods SA & Bulgari SPA.

Michael Kors watches are known for their sleek, stylish design. For a luxurious watch, Michael Kors uses features like water resistance and stainless steel or leather straps.

The watches have either an analog display face with Swarovski crystals on the dial or chronograph functionality. You can get them in black, silver, and two-tone metal options ranging from rose gold to gunmetal finishes plated over stainless steel and yellow gold accents.

Michael Kors watches are powered by either a 371 or 395 button battery. Button batteries have 1.5 volts and can be a silver oxide used in Michael Kors products.

When your Michael Kors watch stops ticking, you can get it fixed for twenty bucks. That includes return shipping and insurance to protect the investment in your beautiful accessory.

You spent hundreds of dollars on this piece, but now you can make sure that money doesn’t go down the drain when something goes wrong with it.

Michael Kors watch battery replacement

Michael Kors Watch Battery Replacement Cost
Michael Kors Watch Battery Replacement Cost

If you’ve had your watch for two years, replacing the battery might be necessary. In most cases, a battery replacement is required if it has been two years since you have first received the watch and used it.

If your watch’s battery is not working well or if it seems to be consuming too much power, it is recommended that you get a suitable quality replacement.

If the problems persist after getting another new battery installed in your watch, then any workshop can undertake all types of work on-site for this purpose.

Michael Kors watch battery price

If you want to stock up for ten years of Michael Kors batteries, it will cost an estimated $5.00 per battery. Energizer and Maxwell high-quality batteries generally retail at a watch store or hobby store for about $7 -$10 for each package with 5+ in the box, which would have another shipping fee depending on how big your order is.

So if we assume that those are our best options online as well, then this adds approximately another extra dollar onto every single battery totaling your final price to be around ten dollars per pack.

Still, the price will change depending on what needs to be fixed. If you would like a quote before sending in your watch, we use an online system that allows us to send one almost immediately after receiving it.

We’ll also provide return postage if necessary, which costs about six pounds and nine pence per package sent within the UK or seven pounds outside of the country—we only need payment once we have received your order, so no extra charges are needed ahead of time.

Before thinking about changing your MK watch battery, you must have these tools:


Instead of purchasing a new gasket for the watch, it is often cheaper to buy them in bulk. It’s easier, and you’ll never have any money problems again if something happens to your watches. It’s common to replace the rubber gasket in a watch, purchased for $15 or $20. It’ll have paid off after five lifetimes of use.

Watch Case Opener

To change a battery, you’ll need more than just a replacement. If your watch has an adjustable case back opener tool that’s difficult to find online or at hobby stores for about $30-$40, it may be advisable not to attempt changing the battery yourself.

Consider hiring someone who can use these tools with care and expertise if this is what you plan on doing; otherwise, there are risks of damaging or severely scratching your timepiece when attempting this by hand without good knowledge/experience in doing so.


Putting the new battery into your MK watch may require some of the tools you probably already have at home. One important tool is a clean cloth to prevent any oils from touching the metal parts or contacts on either end of this process, which can cause corrosion and damage conductivity.

What Service Michael Kors Provides

If your Michael Kors has stopped ticking, we can help. We recommend taking it to a professional for maintenance and repairs so that you have the watch working again in no time. Repairs by given repairers provide these services:

  • Fast turn around 
  • Professional repair specialists 
  • Watch warranty included
  • Water-resistance issues 
  • Bracelet resizing 
  • Crystal replacement

Michael Kors battery replacement cost

Michael Kors battery replacement cost
Michael Kors battery replacement cost

Battery and Reseal (up to 100m) + £20.00

Battery and Reseal (up to 1200m) + £60.00

Quartz Service + £95.00

Mechanic Services + £125.00

Glass Replacement + £60.00

Refurb and Polish + £35.00

Your watch is a complicated piece of machinery that should be serviced every few years. The service process starts by bringing it to the store or sending an email/posting your watch expert engineers will assess the damage and give you a quote for repairs over mail/in person. If accepted, they’ll do their best to fix everything as quickly as possible.

If you want to get rid of the hassle of finding a Michael Kors watch battery replacement service in your area, check out our nationwide postal mail-in repair program. Our technicians will replace batteries for all types of ladies’ and men’s wristwatches.

The Michael Kors watch battery replacement service is the answer to all your watch repair problems. The process couldn’t be more straightforward and includes a mobile option if you’re having trouble finding local shops that provide this kind of service.

When you order a battery replacement for your Michael Kors watch, the technician will inspect it thoroughly. The water-tight gasket of your watch is tested to ensure its durability and meets the manufacturer’s ratings.

This extends its lifespan because now there are no leaks. With our free inspections, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that everything about your timepiece remains in perfect working condition or even improved upon. It takes only minutes online to start our simple process – replace batteries without ever leaving home.

Repair your Michael Kors watch today. Please send it to Repairs by Post, the UK’s leading watch repair service. They’ll have you back on time in no time with free postage and a one-year warranty, so you can be confident that they will get your money’s worth.

Take a walk to your nearest post office and go direct to the UK’s leading Michael Kors online watch repair center. They’ve made it safe, fast, and FREE for you to send Watch Repair their way using their Royal Mail shipping label.

If your Michael Kors watch is no longer ticking, don’t worry. Their Swiss-made batteries will have it up and running again in no time. Plus, they replace the battery with a two-year guarantee so you can wear your luxury watches without worrying about their performance for years to come.

And if that wasn’t enough, their expert technicians will also reseal and pressure test the case of any water-resistant or dive style Michael Kors watches, ensuring they remain waterproof – stopping 75% of these types of mail functions dead on arrival, which means fewer returns from customers dissatisfied by malfunctioning equipment purchased through them.

Tips you should keep in mind when your watch is in trouble

When replacing a watch battery, be careful with the backings. If too much pressure is applied, it could crack or even break entirely off! Repair specialists can pressurize watches so that they retain their water-resistant abilities after opening them up for repairs.

They also know how long each type of job should take and what tools will work best for which types of jobs; if you try doing things yourself without knowing what you’re doing, accidents like these can occur more quickly than expected.

You can go back to the jewelry store where you purchased your watch, and they may be able to replace it for free.

If not, online replacement kits are cheap ($10 or less). Beware of stores trying to pull a fast one on you, though; that’s how they get customers in their doors.

What happened to the watch when the battery is replaced

What happened to the watch when the battery is replaced
What happened to the watch when the battery is replaced

The watch will need a new battery to function correctly. The back is pried off with either a flat-headed screwdriver or another small, thin object, depending on the brand of the watch.

Next, carefully remove and set aside any gasket used for waterproofing purposes before placing it in your pocket so that it doesn’t get lost.

When that watch battery is exposed, you’ll need a smaller screwdriver to remove it. Set your watch with its current time and date once the old one’s out and the new one in.

A watch battery will last around four years, but the length of time depends on what functions a person’s watch has. For example, suppose someone is looking to go swimming with their smartwatch or any other type of water-based activity that requires going under the surface for an extended period.

In that case, they should consider getting a waterproof back case cover so as not to ruin their expensive item and have it be rendered useless due to damage done by too much exposure to liquids like chlorine (Hoffman).

If one wants more than just basic features such as telling the time and date—like acting as a stopwatch or having special color schemes–they may want batteries that can withstand those sorts of extra functions.

Conclusion – Michael Kors Watch Battery Replacement Cost

The Michael Kors Battery Replacement cost is typically less than the watch’s worth. However, it may be a good idea to invest in an extended warranty for your watch just in case you have any problems with this particular part of your timepiece down the road.

This will give you peace of mind and ensure that if anything happens to go wrong with your battery – whether by design or not – there is help available from the manufacturer. 

Replacing the battery in your Michael Kors watch can help give it new life. It’s essential to have regular checkups on all of your batteries. So whether you need a new battery or want to make sure that yours is working correctly.

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