How to Remove Links From a Fossil Watch – Step By Step Guide

It’s a simple process to remove links from a watch, but if you’re not sure how to do it, you may break your watch and be out of pocket. If you know how to fix a watch without removing the link, you can avoid losing money or breaking your watch.

Fossil watches are a great watch for any serious watch enthusiast. They offer high-quality materials and a sleek design, but they also offer amazing battery life.

That being said, it’s still possible to enhance the appearance of your watch by removing some of the links that make them look a bit more unique.

Here’s a guide that will teach you how to remove links from a fossil watch and replace them with a set of links from another watch.

How to Remove Links From a Fossil Watch

How to Remove Links From a Fossil Watch

Remove the links from your watch by first removing the back of the watch. Once you’ve removed the back, you’ll see the links keeping the watch together.

After removing the links, you’ll have a simple way to replace them with another set of links. To remove the links, you’ll need a watch link remover.

There are many link removers available on Amazon, and the link you choose will depend on what type of watch you have.

Tools Required to Remove Links from Fossil Watch

If you’re planning on getting rid of an old wristwatch, it’s worth considering the pros and cons of watch link removal before you start.

While they aren’t cheap, with the correct tools, you can complete the task. The watch band holder is a great invention because it frees up both hands for other tasks.

Watchband repair kits are available for purchase or even free, but they often require technical know-how and specialized tools. If you’re not careful, you could harm your watch band or put yourself at risk by using potentially harmful tools.

You can go the extra step and get a better watch band holder. You can hold it for yourself, or if your situation doesn’t permit that, you can find someone else to hold it for you.

Some of the optional tools that make the job more accessible are the trusty pair of pliers and a small dish for holding the links and pins after they’re removed.

First, Decide that which links to remove

If you want a smaller watch, you may need to shorten the band. Cut off the excess part of your watch band to determine how many links to remove.

Count how many links you have to remove from each band’s half. If you find you have more than one link on each side, you can split them up and remove them from both sides.

Step by Step Guide

Now I will guide you with step by step guide on how to Remove Links From a Fossil Watch.

Step One

Put the watch on and see how many links you need to remove to get it to fit correctly. Pinch the clasp at the side when it’s closed to see how many links congregate. This will tell you if you need to remove two, four, six, or eight links.

Step Two

If you look closely at the watch strap, you will notice a little arrow on one side. This is the way the links need to come out. The pins go in the opposite direction when replacing them.

Step Three

Select a pin punch and a tiny hammer from your watch tool kit. Place the watch strap on the watch tool’s base.

Pull on the screwdriver’s handle and see how it slides forward towards you to acquire a better hold on your tool. It’s also an excellent technique to keep a solid grip on your tool.

Step Four

The clasp’s hook is a little tricky. It’s the first piece you need to remove, but there are two pieces on both sides of the clasp.

Place the pin punch on top of the pin, which should be near the clasp. Tap the punch with the hammer until the pin bursts right through.

Step Five

Remove the watchband and the pin from the tool. The needle nose pliers may be required to remove the pin from the strap finally.

Once the strap is complete, you’ll need to repeat the operation with the pin to secure the remaining links to the strap.

After you’ve done your stitching, you should have two links gone and a strap that is still split. You will need the pins, so keep them secure.

Step Six

The majority of pins used to secure watch straps are similar, although there are a few variances. The strap on the Emporium Armani Connected smartwatch was modified in our demo.

Split pins are used, which can bend and become lodged in the strap if abused. When changing a Casio watch’s metal band, the pins will have a small metal ferrule. They’re tiny and easily misplaced.

However, while reinstalling the pins, remember to replace them. If you don’t do this, there’s a chance the pin will fall out later. The central message is to be cautious while removing pins from your watch strap and to expect the unexpected.

It’s also a good idea to inspect the strap before getting started. Some watches, such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, have little indentations on each link that may be tapped to remove links.

Step Seven

To attach the watch band, first, slide the pinout of the clasp. Next, slide the end of the band into the notch in the clasp until the pin comes out on the other side.

Put the pin in the hole. It should go in without any resistance. The problem is that it may not go in the first attempt, so it needs to be pushed in slowly.

Step Eight

The strap should be one piece once more. We recommend trying on the watch at this stage to ensure you don’t underestimate how many links you need to remove.

If the band is still too big for your wrist, repeat steps two through seven on the other side of the clasp. Once you’ve accomplished that, your new watch should have a band that matches your wrist.

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Conclusion – Remove Links From a Fossil Watch

Watch straps can be easily replaced, but you need to know-how. It’s a straightforward procedure, but keep in mind that each watch strap has its own design.

Don’t expect to be able to replicate a watch strap if you’re not sure what you’re doing. It’s possible to have an original strap repaired, but it will be costly.

Replacing a watch strap is a relatively straightforward process. It will require patience, a watch tool kit, and a little practice.

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