Here Is How To Remove A Stubborn Watch Back Without Damaging Your Watch

Do you find yourself struggling to remove the back cover of your watch? If so, this guide is for you! We will be going over how to remove a stubborn watch back.

The first step is to use an appropriate tool such as a screwdriver or a unique case opener. Be sure not to damage any parts inside the watch while doing this.

Next, put pressure on the edge of the back cover with either your finger or one side of the tool and push it down until it pops off. Finally, take out all pieces from inside and enjoy wearing that new watch!

How to remove a stubborn watch back

In today’s blog post, we’ll talk about how to remove stubborn watch backs using some everyday household items and a few tricks. This is perfect if you’re looking for an alternative way to remove a stubborn. Stay Read…

Types of watches back

First of all, you need to know the types of watch back. Monologue, Press on, and Screwback is the three most common types of watch backs.

The back of the watch is often held in place with screws, but some might be press-on. If it’s a cheap quartz watch, you should have no problem popping them off – just insert your knife carefully and twist to pop it open.

How to remove the screw watch back?

Watch backs are the most challenging part of a watch to remove, and it is usually not something that can be done without specialized tools.

The most common types of screw-back watches are flat or hexagonal screws, which require different tools to remove. 

If you have a flat-headed screwdriver, start by removing any metal coverings on your back piece (if applicable) before gently inserting the tip under the edge of an outermost tooth at one end; slowly spin it outwards from left to right until all teeth disengage.

If you have a hex key set, insert one into each hole for each tooth to become loose enough for removal. Once all teeth are removed, use your fingers to push the backing away from the face.

How to remove press on watch back?

It can be challenging to remove a press-on watch back without damaging it:

  1. Use the edge of your finger or a plastic card to loosen the adhesive that holds the strap in place.
  2. Pull gently and then with more force until you hear a popping sound as the adhesive breaks away from its backing.
  3. Peel off any remaining sticky residue using your fingers or an old credit card and rinse under lukewarm water.

If this doesn’t work for some reason, try soaking your watch in rubbing alcohol overnight before trying again. This process does not require any tools or additional materials; it only requires your hands!

How to remove monologue watch back?

The pressure to be perfect and have an on-trend watch can come at the expense of your wallet. There are many ways to remove monologue watches.

However, you will need patience and time for most methods. If you want instant gratification with minimal effort, then try these methods:

  1. Soak your wristwatch in hot water for about 15 minutes until it softens the glue that holds the strap together.
  2. Scrape off as much of the dried adhesive as possible using a knife or razor blade before soaking it in hot water again.
  3. After soaking it in warm water, use pliers to wrench apart clips on either side of the watch face and pull out the strap from the casing.
  4.  With a towel wrapped around the watch.

You can use boiling water, cooking oil, or even hairspray! If your hands are sensitive and you don’t want to go through the process of scraping off the decal, then you might want to try other methods first since they can be less harsh on your skin.

Some Other Methods To Remove Watch Back Without Notches

Using Thumbnail

You have a lot of tools for opening your watch cover. Screwdriver, pry bar, or even knife to open the back if there are no screws on it.

But one thing you can depend upon is that no matter what tool you use and how hard you struggle with this task, nothing beats using your thumbnail as leverage when trying to crack open the front side of an unsecured timepiece casing!

Don’t place down it since you work. Please keep it in your hand so that you can move the object while prying it open.

Insert a thumbnail under the opening hinge and lift up slowly to avoid bending or flaking off, then gently push away from yourself if needed for extra leverage—if done correctly, this technique is better suited for long fingernails than short ones!

Making use of a Scissors

There are many different ways to take off a watch back. The most popular is using the screwdriver that comes with your timepiece.

But this can be difficult if you have tightly screwed-on screws and need more leverage than what an average-sized screwdriver offers.

Instead of wasting money or risking damaging your favorite watch, just get some scissors! Put them on a level surface like a tabletop for stability before proceeding-but keep in mind it might not work as well as the proper tool intended for taking off watches.

Because they are small enough to fit into those tiny incisions where these pesky little screws reside so we’ll do our best while holding onto something else too when necessary.

Making Use of a Rubber Ball

If you’re looking for a toy that will help keep your wristbands in place, these rubber balls are the answer. The ball has to be soft and flexible to hold onto the watch’s lower side rather than slide around on top of it.

A cheaper alternative is using a tennis ball with duct tape wrapped all over until fully covered–it may not look as good but does its job just fine!

Will your watch be expensive or delicate? If so, a towel is an excellent idea for the observer to rest on while you work. Most gadgets versions will loosen if turned counterclockwise and twist when flipped from the opposite way.

As you scan through this opinion, just tighten screws with care as they are being removed by hand until it’s cinched together securely again–luckily, there should be no need to use any tools!

Watch back opening the tool

There’s no denying that there are many different tools out there to help you get the perfect opening. For one device, in particular, case knives can do everything from starting a case open and being able to cut through any material of your choice! Whether plastic or metal- these blades have all the power needed if you know how they work best.

Some people may find that it is difficult to remove the back of a watch. Fortunately, there are tools designed for this purpose- such as an opener.

An opener can be beneficial in several instances: most importantly when you want to confirm if your wristwatch’s motion has stopped working; and also once you wish just respect or control its movement.

Change the battery life on some occasions, or even inspect how much charge remains before having access to replace them. It happens not to have screws but instead requires using something like a wrench (nuts).

It’s not uncommon that people will use the same tools for two different things. This can also be how you may start opening it without any help from a watch case opener or something similar, and this is because of its softness to allow us to mash at it with plenty of traction. We often won’t need anything else, but this chunk to open up our watches as well!

If you strike a ball and it will not open, there are lots of methods. The first one is to use an eye case wrench with teeth on both side-sides or sides if needed.

You may get rid of any watch having a notch in its edge this way also as long as you keep hitting on the top from the timepiece.

This can work for watches without faces, but sometimes they have removable hints, so I recommend using them instead since they last longer than just striking at home plate repeatedly!


How to remove a stubborn watch back

Be careful when handling sharp knives or screwdrivers to avoid hurting yourself. You can use a butter knife, nail clippers, scissors–anything but your fingers!

If you’ve tried each method and still cannot get the backing open, try visiting a local jeweler for assistance in determining what is your best option.

FAQs Related How to Remove a Stubborn Watch Back

How can I open the back of my watch using a pin or needle?

Place your watch between two sheets of paper, back to back, with the back facing upward. Then, with a pin or needle, push it up behind the watch’s attached band. The rear of the watch should now be free of the frame. That’s it.

How can you turn a strap wrench in the most efficient way?

Using your hands is the best technique to crank a strap wrench. To loosen the screw, grip the wrench with one hand and spin it counterclockwise with the other.

If the back of my watch is stubborn and won’t come off, what should I do?

You can use a strap wrench to acquire a better hold on the rear of the watch case. You may also remove the rear by rotating the strap wrench counterclockwise. Use a ridged strap wrench to hold your watch case back while removing the watch back, as indicated.

How do you get the back of a watch off without tools?

On a Screw-Back Watch, using a Rubber Ball Purchase a mash-able, squishy rubber ball. Rubber balls may often be used to pull watch backings off. To latch onto the back of your watch, choose a rubberized ball that is both soft and sticky.

How do you open a locked wristwatch?

The end of the descending clasp is now visible beneath the open shackle, allowing us to open the clasp. Moving the index finger beneath the clasp and tugging it towards us accomplishes this.

Final words

If you’re looking for a method to remove the back of your watch, we have an easy solution. We recommend using Crazy Glue!

This glue can be found in hardware stores and is designed specifically for this purpose. It’s also relatively inexpensive, so it won’t break the bank if you accidentally use too much or need more than one tube.

Apply some of the glue with care on each side with tiny gaps between the case and glass–but not all over as that will make removal difficult later! –and wait 10 minutes before trying to pry it open again.

You should now find that removing the back from your watch has become more accessible by cutting through any adhesives holding them together. Remember to clean up any excess residue.

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