How to Clean A Leather Watch Band Smell – Ultimate Guide 2022

When you wear your watch every day, it can start to smell like sweat and other unpleasant odors. Wearing a stinky watch is not only gross but also unhealthy.

This guide will show you how to clean a leather watch band that smells in three easy steps! Your wristwatch will look great and smell fresh again.

Many quality types of leather are treated with a UV-resistant finish which prolongs their life in direct sunlight. However, these treatments can react with sweat or lotion residue on the band, causing an unpleasant odor.

What is the Watch strap?

The straps of watches are often the most shining part of them. They can be made from leather or metal, but there’s also a wide range of other materials that might appeal to you more depending on how much luxury is required by your tastes- like rubber!

Why do leather watch straps have a smell?

A leather strap watch is a traditional design that has been around for centuries. The smell of the straps can come from various reasons, such as it being used every day and even while taking baths due to its sensitivity towards moisture.

However, some people could also have an old cloth or paper inside their timepiece acting like dead skin cells retaining body sweat smells because they were never changed after wearing the first few times!

A leather strap watch smells due to prolonged use and not getting it out of your hands even during sleep. Some people wear their watches every day.

Sometimes while taking a bath, because they are so sensitive towards moisture, but unfortunately, this can cause the wearer frustration as well since no matter how much you wash or dry them out, if there’s still an odor left behind from before then all hope will be lost!

Why does leather need particular care?

Leather is a durable and beautiful material that requires special care. It soaks up the sweat, dirt, oils from skin, or other materials it’s exposed to, making cleaning difficult for most people who use leather products on an everyday basis.

The sun can cause cracking if you leave your shoes in direct sunlight all day long, which means outside time may be over before it’s begun!

How can I avoid smelling bad?

How can I avoid smelling bad

The first step to keeping your leather watch band from smelling bad is resting it. Leather straps need time for air, so you should leave the damp wristband on a table or nightstand overnight before wearing it again in this manner.

It’s also best if take off while showering any dirt which may have accumulated along with stench caused by sweat-soap residue and other bathroom grime that likes hanging around people’s skin pores all day long!

Here is how to clean a leather watch strap that smells?

You may be thinking about the lifespan of your leather wristwatch strap, but don’t worry! Keep it looking nice and last a long time with these simple cleaning instructions.

1. Remove the strap

You might have heard the horror stories about how cleaning a watch can be tricky. But before you get too worried, know that with just one quick tug on your part and some patience, it’s all taken care of!

The first step is removing or detaching any straps from around the case so that we have more access to getting dirt out of there without being hindered by anything holding us back as clips do sometimes when trying to remove these things for good stretches…

2. Using a dry cloth, wipe the strap

To keep your wristband looking pristine, use a dry cloth to wipe away any dust or particulate dirt on the surface.

A soft microfiber fabric will give you better results than cotton because it’s less likely for these materials to leave residue behind when cleaned; however, either type should do fine as long as they’re clean!

3. Wash the strip with soap

Cleaning your straps is a simple but essential part of caring for them. First, remove all dust and dirt from the surface with soap before cleaning to maintain their appearance longer!

You can use hand sanitizer or gentle leather-specific formula like “hand wash” on most types when done washing; however, read manuals carefully as they will differ per type (leather).

Using a clean, soft cloth, dampen it with clean water. Soak the fabric in water first, then push the water out of it.

Apply a little quantity of soap to the wet cloth at this point. Make sure the soap is evenly distributed throughout the fabric. This will prevent lumps of soap from forming on the material and staining the strap.

Now use this towel to massage the strap gently. Apply mild pressure and circular movements over the surface of the leather strap with this cloth to clean it. This process can be repeated until the bracelet is free of debris.

After thoroughly rubbing the band, wipe the straps on both sides with a clean piece of cloth to eliminate soap residue.

After completing the main cleaning operation, the strap must be thoroughly dry. As a result, let the belt air dry. Avoid exposing the strap to bright sunlight and drying it with a hairdryer.

Don’t worry, and your belts are repairable. Just let them dry out, and then put on some leather conditioner before you refasten it with a new buckle!

4. Making Use of the Best Leather Conditioner

It’s essential to use a leather conditioner on your watch straps to maintain them in good condition. Leather can gradually lose its natural oils, leading it to dry up and rip apart more quickly than previously.

Conditioners prevent this by maintaining suppleness while also preventing cracking or peeling away at the surface of any kind – including silicone ones!

The best way to keep your leather goods in good shape is with a quality conditioner. Not only will the product protect it against water damage, but it also helps preserve its natural beauty by preventing dryness and cracking – something that happens when you don’t use one!

To apply this effective moisturizer correctly for watches or other susceptible items like bags straps, ensure they are scorched before application so as not to overtan onto them.

The perfect timepiece deserves an equally excellent care regimen, including regular cleanings at least once every week if not more often depending upon use.

Using appropriate products on occasion (such as shoe trees) according to your needs while still maintaining strict sanitation guidelines throughout all areas–especially important.

Follow the steps outlined below to condition your leather watch straps:

First and foremost, ensure sure your watch’s strap is clean and dry.

Apply a tiny bit of conditioner to a dry, clean cloth and massage it all over the leather strap.

Take another soft, clean cloth and wipe away any extra conditioner from the straps’ surface.

Allow the leather strap to dry completely before reattaching it to the wristwatch casing.

5. Replace the strap

Reattaching the strap to your watch casing is a delicate process, so be extra careful when reconnecting. First, locate and squeeze the spring bar pins on either side of where you need to attach them (usually at an open end).

Line up one edge with its corresponding slot in order- now gently push down until all three tabs lock into place securely around their respective holes within each other’s grooves!

To place a pin, first, slide the spring toggle so that it is in its inner lining and then attach a leather strap within the watch case. Make sure edges on pins are securely seated after putting everything back together correctly!

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What are the benefits of using a leather watch strap?

How to clean a leather watch band that smells
How to clean a leather watch band that smells

Leather watch bands are durable and long-lasting, especially for those made with high-quality leather. This material’s fine, densely packed fibers provide a lot more resistance to wear than alternatives like plastic or metal.

At the same time, they do cost more than the initial purchase price, and you can be sure that your investment will last longer thanks to excellent care when handling them as well as regular cleaning routines – which every man should know-how!


Leather watch bands are usually quite comfortable to wear, but they can become more so depending on how often you wear them.

The leather band will start stiff and complicated at first; after about an hour or two of wearing your new timepiece (if not longer).

This process occurs almost immediately where oil from our skin is absorbed into the material, causing some excellent elasticity that makes these straps feel like second skins!


Leather is a natural material, which means it can be worn and contact the skin for long periods without risk of developing allergies or skin reactions.

I recently acquired an allergic reaction from my Garmin running watch’s silicone strap; however, this may have been prevented had I chosen leather instead because, unlike other materials such as plastic, they do not irritate our sensitive skins over time as some synthetics might.


In my experience, a watch with a leather strap is perfect for any outfit because it adds class and quality and provides an elegant touch.

Tips for caring for leather watch straps

The leather wristwatch strap is a highly durable material, but it still needs to be protected from moisture and water by doing the following:

A few simple steps can help you keep your watch’s band in perfect condition!

Wear it loosely

If you wear a wristwatch, knowing the difference between tightly and loosely worn straps is essential. A heavily constricted blood flow can lead to an unhealthy condition called “Raynaud’s Phenomenon,” in which hands lose feeling because there isn’t enough oxygen reaching those parts of our body that control voluntary muscle movement (the fingers).

This affects both men and women; nevertheless, most of the time, we initially recognize these symptoms as “cold” discomfort.”

Limit your sun and heat exposure

Watchbands are made of leather, and exposure to sunlight will cause them to darken over time. However, if you’re not careful about storing your watch in a dry place when wet or humid, the band can crack from dried-out pores caused by heat!

Make sure that any moisture on these surfaces evaporates before storing away again for long periods.

Allow drying naturally

If you find that your new leather strap has been wet, be sure to let it air dry as much as possible. Never rub the fabric with anything hot like iron or hairdryer because this can spoil its color and durability!

Cosmetics should be kept away from the strap

Take care when applying sunscreen, perfume, or other cosmetics around the watch strap. These products can stain and discolor leather which could dull its beauty over time if used too often!

Conclusion – How to clean a leather watch band?

Your leather watch strap may start to smell after long-term use. If this is the case, you should take care of it by cleaning with a soft cloth or sponge soaked in warm water and mild soap occasionally. You can also try using baby wipes on, particularly dirty straps if necessary!

Once clean, apply some moisturizing product onto your wrist before putting it back on for more lasting benefits.

Your watch belt should be cleaned at least every two weeks to maintain quality and durability! You can even give extra protection by conditioning the band with a leather conditioner.

And overall, following caring tips for your wristwatch is accessible to easy-to-do that will keep its beautiful finish longer than expected.

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