Top 19 Best Women’s Watches under $200 with (Buying Guide)

Are you a woman looking for a new watch, but want something below $200? You’re in luck. These high-quality watches are under $200 and can be found on Amazon or other online retailers. The reviews will help you find the perfect watch that fits your needs and budget. 

The evolution of watches has led to the creation and rise in popularity of luxury wristwatches. Watches are no longer just simple timekeepers.

But they also serve as a fashion statement, with aesthetics being essential criteria that shoppers lookout when purchasing one.

The price ranges vary depending on how much someone is willing or can afford to spend- while some readers only have $50 available for their purchase due to considerations like cost.

Others may be willing to go up from there, allocating more than what was initially budgeted if it means getting something special.

As you may have guessed, we love watches and are always on the lookout for a good timepiece. Imagine your favourite outfit paired with an elegant wrist accessory that makes all eyes focus on admiring its beauty – now imagine how much more elevated this will make your life feel.

So whether it’s because of their classic designs or modern update–watches can elevate any look from everyday practicality into something memorable.

Recent studies have shown that the average woman owns 21 watches. Can you guess which one is hers? The good news: for those of us who love to shop, there are more options than ever before when it comes time to purchase your next luxury watch!

We’ve compiled this list below and made sure they were under $200, so even if money isn’t exactly booming in a savings account (or perhaps due to an emergency fund), these beauties should do nicely as a great gift.

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19 best women’s watches under $200

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The watch is one of the essential accessories you could ever wear. It’s an elegant accessory that can be worn to any occasion and elevate your look from average to memorable in seconds.

We know it sounds like a lot, but trust us – this statement couldn’t be more accurate!

So if you’re looking for timeless classic looks or modern updates with just as much value, check out our list below, where we’ve curated some of the best women’s watches under 200.

These are all timepieces that will help make life feel more elevated than before–and at prices, even less expensive than other brands might offer, too! What do you think?

Lets have a Brief Review:

We all know the importance of a good watch, but what if you don’t have thousands to spend? These are some of the best affordable women’s watches under 200. They range from classic styles to more modern designs and they offer something for everyone.

1. Michael Kors Women’s Quartz Watch – Top Rated ladies watch

Michael Kors Women's Quartz Watch - Top Rated ladies watch

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With its goldstone stainless steel case and bracelet, this Michael Kors watch is a subtle luxury accessory for any outfit. The fold over clasp closure makes it easy to put on while wearing gloves or with wet hands – no more worries about damaging your precious timepiece!

With a three-hand analogue display and quartz movement that measures up to 5ATM/50 meters in the water-resistant capacity, you will never have to worry if there’s rain forecasted at the party tomorrow night; don’t take off before everyone else has gone inside.

The Michael Kors Slim Runway watch has all the luxurious style you could need with a modern twist. This 42mm case is made from scratch-resistant mineral crystal glass, Quartz movement, and a 3-hand analogue display that will work well for business and casual settings.

The dial features sleek gold accents on top of its stainless steel frame while also coming equipped in rose gold as an option if desired by their customers; this makes sure there’s something to match everyone no matter what they’re going for, which ensures ultimate versatility when it comes time to buy your next wristwatch.


Michael Kors is a globally renowned designer of luxury accessories and ready to earn an innate sense for timeless chic. He has won countless awards.

Including “the world’s most luxurious watch” in 2010 from business week magazine and the title “designer of legends” by vanity fair due to his ability to create beautiful products and convey elegance through them. 

In general, these watches are water-resistant up to 50 meters, so if you take them swimming or snorkeling, then they’ll still work fine.

Design and Dimensions

The Slim Runway collection by Michael Kors is a luxurious blend of trend-right style and high-quality materials that will withstand any adventure.

These watches are perfect for the jet setting or 9 to 5 grind, providing you with both beauty and durability without breaking your bank account.

Display and Screen

This watch is perfect for the woman who wants to stand out and make a statement. The 42mm case with its 20mm bandwidth fits most wrist sizes while still lightweight enough, so you won’t even notice it on your arm!

Quartz movement keeps time accurate without batteries or electricity needed – what more could we ask from our jewellery?

And that’s not all these gorgeous piece offers; add in an imported design inspired by classic elegance as well as rose gold finish stainless steel bracelet closure + deploy ant clasp combo which means no pesky tightness.

  • Affordable

  • Sleek, chic with a modern touch

  • Stylish with many different colours available

  • Analog display that is easy to read in bright light or at night

  • Scratch resistant mineral crystal glass

  • Colour fades easily

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2. Fossil Chronograph Best Women’s Watch under $200

Fossil Chronograph best women's watch

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Fossil’s original boyfriend watch is a fresh take on the classic accessory. This oversized design unconventionally flirts with femininity, and its statement-making case makes it perfect for any tomgirl looking for some edgy flair this season!

The 38mm size will keep you covered while still exuding class; whether your style prefers leather or stainless steel bands.

We got everything from 18mm straps so every girl can find her match—plus these interchangeable pieces come standard with all Fossils sold at H&M stores across North America (including Canada).

Watch your favourite Fossil accessories with the company’s selection of water-resistant watches.

These timepieces are perfect for a variety of activities and reassure you that they’ll be able to stand up against even rough conditions like rain or snorkeling in open waters without worry, but don’t try anything too dangerous!

Customize them by adding engravings at participating full-priced or outlet stores near where you live, so it will make sense when we come back on Sunday morning (but not if there are any snow days).


These watches are designed for those who take their swimming and showering seriously, but not diving or snorkeling. The watch can withstand depths up to 50 meters in water-resistant fashion with a 165 foot limit on how far you’re able to enjoy these activities before needs must retire from recreational use.

Design and Dimensions

The original boyfriend is back and better than ever! This oversized design freshly flirts with femininity. The statement-making case makes this watch the go-to accessory for any well-dressed woman that wants an edgy yet feminine look on their wrist while still staying true to themselves at every occasion – be it a party or business meeting, dinner date night, or just around town doing errands.

Display and Screen

This watch is powered by a quartz movement and features an 18mm band. In addition, it’s crafted from high-quality materials so that you can wear it with confidence.

The case size of this luxurious timepiece measures 38 mm. At the same time, the buckle strap makes up for its lack in length by providing more options when dressing up your outfit or going out on the town looking sleekly dressed.

No matter what colour preference you have at hand (I recommend blue!). A near-perfect fit ensures comfort all day long as well.

  • Rugged and stylish watch

  • A versatile accessory that can be paired with any outfit for a fresh new look

  • Change your metal bands to match your style and mood on even the busiest day. No need to buy an entirely new watch

  • Timeless, versatile design is perfect for everyday wear or dressier occasions

  • Large face to wear with everything

  • 12-month warranty for peace of mind

  • Durable stainless steel case

  • Needles fell off easily

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3. Fossil Best Women’s Riley Quartz Watch

Fossil Best Women's Riley Quartz Watch

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These are the one of the best women’s watches. Riley is a timeless style that transcends the seasons. With its classic shape and sporty features, it will be your go-to for any occasion.

Whether you are going on vacation or something more formal! Case size: 38mm (size recommended by the manufacturer); Bandwidth 18 mm; Quartz/Multi movement with Hardened Mineral Crystal Lens–irrespective of what colour emerges as his choice when underwater conditions, which means he can see even if wearing sunglasses.

Imported Attachment Material Stainless Steel Silver Closure Single Press Deploying Interchangeable Bands Water Resistant To 330 Feet 100M. Suitable For Bathing, Swimming Snorkeling.


It can survive submersion in water up to 330 feet but is not suitable for scuba diving.

Design and Dimensions

Fossil is a brand inspired by American creativity and ingenuity. They bring new life into the watch industry with quality, fashionable accessories that are fun and accessible for everyone from all walks of life to enjoy!

The company’s founder was looking for an alternative when he couldn’t find anything in stores or online which satisfied him, so this gave birth to fossil watches.

Classic shapes translated beautifully through design elements like Retrial Numbers (Riley) sporty features without sacrificing style points such as big numbers on dials.

Display and Screen

The Fossil collection is a perfect blend of form and function. The case size is 38mm, making it ideal for men with larger wrists who want to wear an elegant-looking watch on their wrist without excessive bulkiness, while the bandwidth remains at 18MM.

So you can easily pair this nice piece up. With any number of outfits in your wardrobe! It features both quartz movement as well as multi-piece construction which ensures long-lasting durability.

  • High-quality, fashionable watch for everyday wear

  • Accessible Watch because of the affordable price range

  • Classic style that is both fun and sophisticated

  • Affordable compared to other watches on the market

  • Huge and Heavy weighted

  • The locking clasp of the watch is not very functional

  • Lack of chronograph functionality

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4. Anne Klein Gold-Tone Bangle Best Women’s Luxury Watch

Anne Klein Gold-Tone Bangle Best Women's Luxury Watch

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The Mother of Pearl Watch is perfect for any woman who knows how to be elegant and stylish. This goldstone watch features crisscross bands, mother-of-pearl dials on both sides, as well as a mineral window in between that allows you an up-close viewing experience when checking the time or just looking at this beautiful accessory.

In addition, the Japanese quartz movement will keep accurate readings no matter where life takes us, whether it’s work or play – even if we go swimming with them some days.

And since these wrists can withstand splashes from 30 meters away without worry, thanks again to those water-resistant materials used during the production process.


The best luxury womens watch’s durability has been tested to resist water resistance up to a depth of 100ft. It can withstand brief periods underwater but should not be used for swimming and is not suitable.

if you plan on taking it out onto open water or have small children who might splash around in your watch while playing near shorelines.

Design and Dimensions

The watch is a goldstone with crisscrossing bands and a mother-of-pearl dial. It also features premium crystals on the bezel and lugs to make it stand out even more.

A sparkling example for those who love luxury items with an understated design ethic.

Display and Screen

The case of this watch has been designed to be a perfect fit for your wrist, with an ergonomic shape and brass construction that will never go out of style.

The mineral glass window gives you easy viewing in any lighting conditions while keeping it durable so nothing can break or scratch the surface.

In addition, the Japanese quartz movement with an analogue display makes this watch versatile for any occasion.

  • Purchasing this Watch will make you appear classy and wealthy

  • Make friends with everyone by flashing your new goldstone bangle bracelet

  • Perfect for all types of occasions, whether it be a black-tie event or just lounging around at home

  • Clear back cover allows watching to easily slip into a dress sleeve without having to worry about scratching it

  • Very Small Sized

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5. Michael Kors Parker ladies Watch – Best selling women’s watch

Michael Kors Parker ladies Watch - Best selling women's watch

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Parker’s Michael Kors watch collection was created for the modern-day professional who wants to bring elegance and style into their life.

The 39mm case provides luxurious protection while still light enough that it won’t get in your way when you’re on an adventure!

With scratch-resistant mineral crystal glass and quartz movement with a three-hand analogue display – this luxury accessory is perfect for any profession from jet setting adventures or 9-5 grinds alike.

Coming styles include round stainless steel cases equipped with rose gold MK logos dials (rosy gold!) paired alongside sleek bracelets made of high-quality materials like stainless steel or leather bands; all water-resistant up 100 meters.


Michael Kors is a world-renowned, award-winning designer of luxury accessories and ready to wear with an innate sense of glamour.

His designs have been worn by celebrities around the globe for generations because they refuse to compromise on quality.

The new accessory from a world-renowned designer can be worn during bathing or snorkeling. It’s water-resistant up to 100 meters, so it will keep your style intact even if you go for an aquatic adventure.

Design and Dimensions

This beautiful and durable stainless steel bracelet is the perfect accessory for any occasion. The piece features an 8-inch long band, ensuring your classy look while wearing this delicate design!

Also, with its elegant Rose Gold finish embellishment on top of a fold over clasp closure – you’ll be sure to love it every time.

Display and Screen

The case material of this watch is stainless steel. It has a 39-millimetre diameter and 12 millimeters in thickness, which gives it one the sleekest designs out there!

The dial colour is rose gold with mineral glass windows giving you an extra sparkle as well for your viewing pleasure; not too much, though because let’s face it: optical lenses can be easily smudged by any oil or fingerprint from our hands.

So make sure to take care when handling them if that doesn’t bother you’ll at all then go ahead and get yo self some new shades twice yearly instead (just saying). Construction quality feels excellent overall – buttons are firm while clicking.

  • Stylish Watch with stainless steel casing

  • Resistant to water and resistant to minor scratches

  • High-quality material that will last for years to come

  • Adorned with a rose gold dial that matches well with many other accessories

  • Beware of Replica

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6. Michael Kors Women’s Lady Nini Chain Watch

Michael Kors Women's Lady Nini Chain Watch

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This Michael Kors Women’s Lady Nini watch is the perfect accessory for any formal event with its monochromatic hands and markers, fixed stainless steel bezel made of crystals on top of it.

The sleek case is fashioned out of high-quality materials to ensure durability while also being lightweight so that you can wear it all day long without fatigue. This timepiece also features a sturdy bracelet that will never break or stretch out overuse.


This wristwatch is waterproof to 165 feet – the perfect accessory for any adventure. Moves smoothly and reliably with quartz movements.

Design and Dimensions

The 18-millimetre bandwidth provides a comfortable fit for most women’s hands. In addition, the stainless steel band is durable and looks great with gold plating, making this watch perfect as an accessory to any outfit.

Display and Screen

The timepiece has an analogue display type with stainless steel case and dimensions of 35 millimeters. The gold dial makes it stand out from other watches on the wrist while complementing one’s style or office outfit for work!

The bezel features stationary pointers, which are great if you want to keep track when setting alarms without having any hands show up in view during nighttime use – we know how annoying that can sometimes get at times like these.

  • Sophisticated Watch that’s perfect for a casual or dressy occasion

  • Dress up any outfit with this classic, elegant style

  • Stainless Steel Case

  • Textured Leather Strap

  • You may encounter a few scratches around the band

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7. Michael Kors Women’s Portia Watch

Michael Kors Women's Portia Watch

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This handsome analogue quartz watch is sure to be your go-to for weekends! Made in the USA or Imported, it features a 37mm case diameter and is water-resistant up through 5 ATMs.

The beautiful colours make this timepiece easy enough even if you’re on the go all week long without missing a critical moment at work–no matter what colour shirt happens to be tucked into those jeans of yours.


The sleek and stylish timepiece is made of durable materials. It has a quartz movement with an analogue display, water-resistant up to 5 ATMs for all your aquatic adventures in the great outdoors.

Design and Dimensions

The sleek and shiny band of gold colour is the perfect way to embellish your wrist. This watch has a rose gold colour that will match any outfit or event in which you may find yourself!

The material makes it light enough for all-day wear while providing durability so nothing can ruin its beauty, such as water damage from raindrops on an outdoor party.

Display and Screen

The Michael Kors Women’s Portia watch is a perfect addition to any outfit. The stainless steel case and 9mm thickness make it durable enough for work or play, while the Rose Gold accents of the dial will match your style perfectly.

  • Affordable luxury with the Michael Kors name

  • Made in USA or Imported- you get to choose your preference

  • 37mm Case Diameter- fits on any size wrist

  • Analog watch with quartz movement

  • Fashionable, high quality

  • Durable and reliable

  • Dressy or sporty

  • Available in many colours

  • The colour of this watch may tarnish and faded after some years

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8. Seiko best women’s watch Two-Tone Watch

Seiko best women's watch Two-Tone Watch

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The Seiko Solar watch is the perfect accessory for any woman. This modern, high-performance dress timepiece features a two-tone stainless steel case and bracelet with a white dial that can also use to track your day/date settings.

The sleek design makes this fashionable piece look as good from afar as it does up close – ideal if you’re looking at them while driving or flying in an aero plane.

Because not only will they keep time accurately, but their energy-efficient movements mean no need to worry about changing batteries often either (unlike other watches). At 25mm wide by 8mm thick, these durable pieces are both water-resistant.


The accuracy is perfect for when you need to keep track of time and date settings. White dials are easy on the eyes, but they can also be seen from miles away!

If that’s not an issue, then this watch may have what you’re looking for its durable, so no worries about batteries often changing either; at 25mm wide by 8mm thick, these watches will fit any wrist size too (unlike other more feminine styles).

Design and Dimension

Stainless steel bracelets are a classic accessory that can be worn in many different ways. These bands come in sizes for women, so you’re guaranteed the perfect fit.

They also have an elegant two-toned look thanks to their stainless and goldstone finishes on top of each other – what girl doesn’t love mixing things up?

Display and Screen

This best women’s watch is perfect for any occasion. They come in different styles and colours, so you can choose one that matches your preferences best!

These durable timepieces also have an official-sounding clock face with numbers printed upon it as well as a date window at the bottom right corner of each dial.

Making them great if ever need to check on a date/time settings quickly while driving or flying during flights since these movements won’t stop working just like other watches do when they go out due to battery problems–which is why this type would be ideal especially because 25mm wide by 8 mm thick dimension means no worries about scratches. 

  • Check date and time in one glance

  • Lightweight, stylish watch made for active lifestyles

  • Easy to read dial with sweeping hands – never have to twist your wrist or arms again

  • Solar powered, so no need for batteries. It pays for itself after two years by saving money on battery costs

  • [i2cons]

  • Setting a date by pulling the crown out to the second stop is difficult.

  • Crown may pull entirely out of the watch.[/i2cons]

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9. Coach Delancey Business Ladies Watch

Coach Delancey Business Ladies Watch

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The timeless elegance of the Delancey Watch is a perfect fit for any outfit. This eye-catching timepiece features a Mother-of-Pearl dial enhanced by yellow goldstone skeleton hands and silver stainless steel case with a two-tone finish.

Silver on top, yellow below that compliments skin tones beautifully without being too flashy or overstated like many other watches in this genre do–it’s clean yet still attractive enough, so you don’t get bored looking at your wrist.


The perfect gift for underwater adventures, this watch is water-resistant and features a powerful quartz movement.

Design and Dimensions

This watch has a two-tone stainless steel band. The width of the band is 12 millimeters allows it to fit onto any size ring, no matter what material.

You’re wearing or how big a resize job needs to be done on our customer’s jewellery! With its fancy finishing in silver and yellow gold tones as well–this style really can match anything from cocktail dresses down through more casual outfits too.”

Display and Screen

The Mother of Pearl dial is enhanced by yellow goldstone skeleton hands, silver stainless steel case. Fixed bezel and scratch-resistant mineral crystal to protect its quality features.

This piece offers an elegant look with added durability making it perfect for everyday use! With measurements at 28 mm x 8 MM, you’ll find yourself looking good while staying safe from potential harm.

  • Stylish, chic

  • Traditional colours with a modern twist

  • Quality watch with a timeless look

  • Simple design for easy wear

  • Scratch resistant mineral crystal

  • Fixed bezel – no need for a strap or bracelet that can fall off

  • Durable quality that can withstand everyday wear-and-tear

  • Comfortable band that adjusts to your wrist size

  • Nil

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10. Fossil Women’s Jacqueline Watch

Fossil Women's Jacqueline Watch

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Fossil’s Jacqueline is a timepiece that will add the finishing touch to any outfit. This polished-to-perfection steel and refined Roman numerals are perfect for making sure you stay on good terms with your style while staying comfortable at all times!

The case size measures 36MM; there’s also an elastic band in 14 MM width, so this would be a great companion whether it’s work or play.

With water-resistant capabilities up until 30 meters deep – meaning Jacquie can handle some light washing sessions without worry–this watch becomes even more versatile than ever before.


Fossil’s inspiration comes straight from American creativity and ingenuity, with the company bringing new life into watchmaking by designing quality accessories that are both fun (and fashionable).

The watch is water-resistant up to 30m away, meaning it can withstand being immersed in water for short periods without failing or stopping working completely.

Design and Dimensions

The new Jacqueline watch is a must-have for any woman who wants to add some elegance and style. This timepiece features an impeccable design.

With its polished steel strap paired perfectly against the silk lining of Roman numerals on both sides that will make you stand out from everyone else in every situation possible!

The finish also complements most outfit colors due to stainless steel; no more worries about having dull jewelry while wearing them because now it glistens like gold or rose-colored gems at all times thanks to just these two materials coming together so beautifully without even trying too hard anymore.

Display and Screen

The Fossil 3 Hand Day-Date movement is powered by a quartz engine that offers precise timekeeping and accuracy. It features an analog display with three hand movements, giving this watch the ability for more than one wearer at once.

The rose goldstone dial face includes contrasting hour markers as well as branding from your favourite fossil company.

Which makes it easy to read even under dim lighting conditions or when wearing gloves in inclement weather such as snowstorms because they’re made of high-quality materials, so you don’t have any worries about them being damaged while outside doing what we love best.

  • With an elegant design, Jacqueline is perfect for all occasions.

  • Infused with rose gold which is the top metal of 2019

  • Comes in 36MM case size, which is very feminine and slimming on your wrist

  • Rose gold will match any outfit you wear

  • Lightweight steel case material will never irritate your skin or leave any marks on the wrist.

  • Crystal lens is hard to scratch and resistant to water damage.

  • Need frequent re-setting of the time

  • The back is so tight so that battery replacement will be hard enough

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11. Michael Kors Pyper Three-Hand Best ladies Watch

Michael Kors Pyper Three-Hand Best ladies Watch

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The iconic Pyper watch collection by Michael Kors provides luxurious style with a modern splash of trend-right touches. Featuring an 18mm bandwidth, 38mm case diameter, and stainless steel construction for durability – this timepiece can withstand submerged in water up to 50 meters deep (165 feet). Water-resistant to 165 ft.

Its suitable for short periods of recreational swimming but not diving nor snorkeling! With its distinctive round face design featuring scratch-resistant mineral crystal glass against sapphire crystals on the top side & 3 hand analogue display which makes it look more elegant than ever before.

Also, if we talk about quality, there’s no need to search further because you already found what you’re looking for.


Michael Kors is a fashion house that specializes in luxury watches. The iconic Pyper watch collection features luxurious style, a modern splash of trend-right touches, and stainless steel construction for durability, which can withstand submerged up to 50 meters deep (165 feet). Water-resistant but not diving nor snorkeling.

Design and Dimensions

The Pyper watch collection by Michael Kors provides luxurious style with a modern splash of trend-right touches. With its sleek, classic looks and luxury materials like leather bands.

It’s no surprise that this timepiece is hard to beat for those who demand only the best in fashion!

The 18 millimeters wide band on women’s standard size means you can wear them without worry about losing your expensive purchase up top while moving around throughout the day.

Display and Screen

The 43mm case is perfect for those who want a little more room to show off their watches. It’s also water-resistant up to 100 meters, which means you can go swimming or take your bath without worrying.

The face of this gorgeous timepiece features an analogue display with scratch-resistant mineral crystal glass and Quartz movement so accurate it’ll never lose a minute after an hour spent wearing it.

The stainless steel frame has been paired with white dials (so two different styles depending on what kind suits better) to make sure each one stands out beautifully against its surroundings no matter where they’re rested at any given moment.

  • A timeless design that will never go out of style

  • Imported from America, Michael Kors watches are accessible to everyone

  • Beautiful and eternally stylish, Pyper is perfect for any occasion

  • Comes in many different styles, so you’re sure to find the right watch you want

  • Stylish strap with leather material- superb for any attire

  • Nil

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12. Michael Kors Women’s Bradshaw Watch

Michael Kors Women's Bradshaw Watch

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The Bradshaw watch from Michael Kors is a luxurious piece that will provide you with style and function.

The 43mm case allows for the modern splash of trend-right touches while also protecting against scratches thanks in part to its scratch-resistant mineral crystal glass face.

This water-resistant timepiece can be worn swimming or snorkeling without worrying about damaging it.

It has Quartz movement for precision accuracy in any situation. The round stainless steel band will go perfectly paired alongside your latest outfit from Michael Kors collections.


A watch is not just a timepiece, and it’s an accessory. The Bradshaw collection by Michael Kors can be worn for any occasion and are water-resistant up to 100m in depth or while bathing at shallow depths.

These sleek pieces have been designed with the needs of all sorts of lifestyles in mind- from jet setting adventures on land (like you’re doing) to 9-5 grinds during business days.

Each has its modern splash that will match what suits your life best whether elegance or casual-chic style preference.

Design and Dimensions

It’s time to choose your style. This Rose Gold Stainless Steel band of the watch is perfect for any occasion and will make one great accessory you won’t want to go without. It’s hard to believe that the bracelet has so much detail.

The stainless steel band is 7.5 inches and 2mm thick for durability, 22 millimeters in width, with rose gold plated finishes on both sides of its links. Pinned ends make it perfect for more permanent wear too.

Display and Screen

With a 43mm case, this watch is a beautiful addition to your everyday jewellery collection. The scratch-resistant mineral crystal glass and Quartz movement will protect the face from harm while ensuring accurate timekeeping with its chronograph feature!

With goldstone accents on top of round cases in rose or silver colour choices available (among other finishes), there truly is something for everyone who wants an elegant yet durable accessory piece they can wear proudly every day.

  • Wearable luxury with a modern twist

  • Stylish dial with chronograph analogue display

  • Comfortable 22mm bandwidth, 100m water resistant

  • Imported or made in the USA

  • You may receive the colour you haven’t ordered for.

  • Beware of fake product

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13. Fossil Jacqueline Leather Womens Watch

Fossil Jacqueline Leather Womens Watch

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The fossil watch is an elegant yet affordable option for anyone who wants to step up their style game. This timepiece features stainless steel and durable.

Roman numerals with its classic twist of femininity you can wear on any outfit from work or play! It’s available in blue leather or gold finish making it perfect as a gift during these holidays.


This impressive timepiece is built for the woman who wants to stand out in any crowd. It has an elegant yet durable design that will make you feel like a true leader every day of your life!

The Quartz movement with a 3-hand date analogue display and water-resistant up to 30m makes this perfect accessory as well. So if you plan on going anywhere near rain or involving extra wetness, this watch is perfect.

Design and Dimensions

The material of this watch is luxurious and durable. The Band Material is made of leather and has a width of 14 millimeters. The leather straps make it a perfect addition for any occasion, while the stainless steel links will lend you some extra strength when necessary!

The blue colour matches almost anything in one’s wardrobe, so they can pair up with whatever else I’m wearing that day without having to worry about an awkward clash between colours.

Display and Screen

The new 36mm-case Mineral Crystal dial is perfect for any situation where you want to be noticed. With its three-hand analogue display and quartz movement, this watch has it all.

  • Comfortable fit for any wrist

  • Available in different colours, shapes, and sizes

  • Durable and stylish finish with the leather strap material

  • Analog display with water-resistant properties

  • Timeless, feminine design that never gets old

  • A watch you can wear with anything

  • Accurate timekeeping for every occasion

  • Battery leakage 

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14. HUGO Women’s #Hope Quartz Watch

HUGO Women's #Hope Quartz Watch

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The HOPE collection captures the optimistic spirit of a HUGO woman. The unique T-bar case and sunray centre dial are designed to catch the light.

While fresh colours for signature branding make this trend-driven timepiece stand out from others on your wrist or off! Are you still looking?

Quality materials ensure durability with eye-catching style as well – 3 Hand 34 mm Stainless Steel Case watches offer superior quality at an affordable price.

So you can enjoy them year after year even when coated lenses take over most other markets because they’re not afraid of quartz accuracy either.


With its sleek, compact design and T-bar case that features a sunray dial inlay for extra lightness to shine through it – this watch is sure to be not only your everyday accessory but also an opportunity of owning something one-of-kind.

In addition, the quartz movement provides precise timekeeping while maintaining minimal maintenance, so you can wear this reliable piece with confidence, knowing there are no worries.

Design and Dimensions

An eye-catching watch is a necessity in today’s world, and this one will never go unnoticed with its stainless steel bracelet. Quality materials and fresh colours signal that you’re looking for something more than just another fashion accessory.

The signature HUGO branding on top of everything else makes it easier to keep track when your life needs orderliness after all these years without any organization whatsoever.”

Display and Screen

The 3 Hand 34 mm Stainless Steel Case and Silver White Dial with Beige Ion-Plated index is an excellent choice for those looking to get a durable, high-quality timepiece that can stand up against rugged wear and tear.

Made from glass, this watch will protect its wearer’s valuable asset without sacrificing style or comfort in any way.

  • Stylish, feminine Watch with HUGO branding

  • Durable materials for worry-free timekeeping

  • Classic silver colour to match any outfit or occasion

  • Stainless steel bracelet distinguishes the watch from other brands

  • You can put this watch on and never worry about it again

  • Wear it for any occasion, to the gym or a formal event

  • Get compliments all day with its playfully feminine and trendy design

  • Get an accurate quartz timepiece that you can rely on

  • Perfect gift for fashionable women who don’t want to sacrifice style

  • Nil

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15. HUGO BOSS #CHERISH Casual ladies Watch

HUGO BOSS #CHERISH Casual ladies Watch

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For a minimalist timepiece that’s both stylish and functional, look no further than the HUGO #CHERISH collection.

Complete with an unexpected mirrored dial – this petite watch will be sure to catch your eye!

With its quality materials such as stainless steel 2 Hand 28 mm case or silver-toned mesh, bracelet paired perfectly for any occasion, and there are many reasons you should add it into your wardrobe today.


A sleek and straightforward timepiece, the minimalist design is perfect for any occasion. With an unexpected mirrored dial that’s both functional and chic, it will take you from work into date night seamlessly without ever having to worry about battery life or maintenance.

The quartz movement provides reliable and worry-free functioning, making this watch perfect for those constantly on their feet or who need something simple with great style.

Design and Dimensions

What better way to start the day than with a fresh splash of colour? The innocent yet eye-catching designs on this wristwatch will be sure to catch everyone’s attention.

Pair it up alongside some casual dress, and you’re suitable for any occasion – from work or play.

Display and Screen

A high-quality timepiece that is both durable and accurate, the 2 Hand 28 mm stainless steel case features a silver-toned dial.

Quartz movements provide reliable performance for worry-free moments throughout your day while protecting against scratches with its mineral crystal lensing technology.

  • Comfortable silver-toned mesh bracelet

  • Sleek and fashionable design suited for a businesswoman

  • A robust and durable watch that is resistant to water and sweat

  • The perfect accessory for any outfit

  • Nil

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16. Anne Klein Women’s Bangle Watch

Anne Klein Women's Bangle Watch

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The Anne Klein Women’s Bangle Watch and Bracelet Set is the perfect accessory for any outfit. This round watch features a black glossy dial with goldstone hands, stick markers.

This chain bracelet can be worn on its own or layered together with other bracelets in your collection to create endless combinations!

The set also includes an enamel bangle accented by 36 pristine crystals, which gives this piece shine without going overboard like some over-the-clock bands might do when they’re too busy trying to look flashy instead of elegant (we all know what happens next).

Another bonus about these pieces is that they lack swimming resistance; not even water will ruin them, but they are great if you plan to wear yours while getting pampered at fancy spas.


Anne Klein Women’s Bangle watch and Bracelet Set, a beautiful piece for any woman to wear. Not only can you enjoy wearing it during the day but also when getting pampered at fancy spas!

The Japanese quartz movement makes sure your time is accurate with an analogue display.

Design and Dimensions

The band of this watch has a gold colour with an intricate design that will go well with your everyday style.

This bracelet also includes 7 inches long brass bangles, so you can wear it as either bracelets or wristwatch depending on what suits you best – though they’re both timeless in their appeal thanks to lightweight materials like these.

Display and Screen

Anne Klein watches are a favourite of many women, especially those who want classic designs in their jewellery collection. This Bangle Watch and Bracelet Set will be the perfect accessory for you or as part of someone else’s gift.

The case material is brass with an inner diameter of 32 millimeters; thickness measures 8 millimeters on both sides. The dial features golden numbers against a black background, making them easy to read even when there’s no light present.

It also comes equipped with brass hands, which matches well against other metals like silver because they’re dark enough not to contrast strongly -which could aesthetically look bad if poorly done- but still stand out nicely without being too flashy as not to overwhelm your wrist.

  • Fashionable Watch that is versatile and stylish

  • All you need to complete a perfect outfit

  • You can clip it on your belt loop or purse without being too bulky • Available in different colours and designs

  • Great for any occasion to wear all day long or night out on the town

  • The goldstone of the watch is not matched with the bracelet.

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17. Fossil Women’s Dive-Inspired Casual Watch

Fossil Women's Dive-Inspired Casual Watch

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Fossil’s new 36mm FB-01 dive watch is an excellent option for those who want a stylish yet affordable timepiece.

This sleek and lightweight stainless steel design features a bright green sunray dial with a three-hand date function and stainless steel bezel insert that can easily match other 18mm bands from the Fossil collection or even metal bracelets by adding one more element of personalization to your look.


Water-resistant up to 100m and is perfect for bathers, swimmers, and snorkelers. It has an easy-traders quartz movement with a three-hand analogue display that makes it easier than ever before.

Design and Dimensions

Stainless steel bands are perfect for those who like a more traditional look. This 18-millimetre band fits comfortably around your wrist. In addition, the shape allows for ease in putting on or taking off your watch that you won’t find with other bands.

Display and Screen

The case size is 36mm, and the band is likewise 18 mm. The mineral crystal lens means this watch offers superior scratch resistance as well!

In-depth research into movement technology led us to develop quartz movements featuring three-hand analogue displays with date functions for optimum readability in bright lights or low light settings.

So you can always be sure that your timepiece will keep perfect synchronisms between seconds counts down on every face regardless of its day or night out there.

  • Goes from the beach to boardroom

  • Stylish and sporty design that works for any occasion

  • Stainless steel bracelet is durable and water-resistant up to 100m

  • Makes a perfect gift

  • Very large sized for many wrists

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18. Fossil Women’s Scarlette Watch

Fossil Women's Scarlette Watch

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The 28mm Scarlette Mini is the perfect timepiece for those who like a little bling on their wrist. This new best women’s watch features an intricately designed blue dial, three-hand date movement, and silver-tone stainless steel bracelet with black closure that fits any 14MM band or interchangeable component from Fate/ caviar line up!

The water-resistant case will keep you safe against sweat while swimming in shallow waters but don’t take it beyond 50 meters underwater because once exposed to saltwater chemistry, these items may not perform optimally anymore – so enjoy those activities at your own risk.


When it comes to staying safe while swimming, the case is water-resistant up to 50 meters deep but don’t go any further than that because once you are out of fresh surface water and into salty ocean waves or currents, your things may not work as well anymore.

Design and Dimensions

The bracelet is made of premium stainless steel and comes in an attractive silver tone. It features a push-button fold over clasp with safety, making it interchangeable for all 14 MM bands from the Fossil line.

Display and Screen

This 28mm Scarlette Mini is the perfect watch for any bling-loving individual. With its intricate blue dial and stainless steel case, this timepiece will never go out of style!

Those who want even more sparkle on their wrist without having to spend too much money can pick up one in either white gold or yellow gold as well. This beautiful piece also comes available with a three-hand date display.

  • Great for working professionals

  • Cute and versatile Watch to dress up any outfit

  • Trendy for all seasons

  • Tends to work well with most outfits

  • Affordable price point – watches at this price usually are very cheaply made, but Fossil is known for quality timepieces.

  • The bright blue dial offers a pleasant contrast against the silver-tone case.

  • Considerate size has a 28mm case, which is the perfect size if you want something that hugs your wrist without being too large or heavy on your arm.

  • Reading is brutal against the dark background

  • The wrist band is very long

  • Lack of instructions

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19. Michael Kors Petite Darci Womens Watch

Michael Kors Petite Darci Womens Watch

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Michael Kors is a world-renowned designer of luxury accessories and ready to wear with an innate sense of glamour.

He unites the best in class technologies, such as quartz movement that features scratch-resistant mineral crystal glass for added durability; round stainless steel case which can withstand any punishment while still maintaining its sleek look thanks to modern proportions combined by 16mm bandwidth.

Providing ultimate comfort over long periods during activities like work out or running errands because they don’t feel tight nor too loose around your wrist.


This product is designed for swimming and other water activities, but not diving or snorkeling. It can be used safely in the pool up to 50 meters away from shores – make sure you don’t leave your watch there when it’s time to go out.

Design and Dimensions

The sleek, silver bracelet is perfect for any occasion. This chic piece of jewellery features a deployant closure that can be secured with an easy push-down motion on either side to ensure security if needed.

Display and Screen

If you’re looking for a watch that’s perfect in every way imaginable, this is it. Featuring an elegant and durable 26mm case made of scratch-resistant mineral crystal glass with Quartz movement .

The kind found inside high-end watches costing thousands rather than just hundreds or less like on many other comparable products–and a three-hand analogue display featuring both hours/minutes, imported!

Top things off? A stainless steel round design paired nicely against a silver dial glitters beautifully while remaining subtle enough not to distract from all fantastic features.

  • Chic, sleek design for a luxury watch

  • Glitz accents add elegance and sophistication

  • Lightweight material makes it perfect for travel or the everyday hustle

  • 3-hand analogue display with quartz movement

  • Accentuated face for easy reading

  • Stainless steel strap is durable and comfortable

  • Nails are not tightly attached

  • Battery life is not long-lasting

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Buying Guide of best women’s watches under 200

It’s not always easy to know what watch you should buy, but luckily I have the perfect solution. The best regards under $200 for men and women are waiting at your fingertips if only we knew how.

Many people think they’re buying a gold or silver timepiece when just looking into them may give an idea as far down that line things go with their budget, which can lead them astray from finding good quality pieces without breaking the bank accounts achieve said goal.

Let me tell you, there’s plenty out there, both pretty as well affordable -and durable enough so long as these alright buys don’t cost 3k+, which means even folks on tight budgets will be able to afford one now.

A watch under $200 will not be the most expensive or luxurious item you buy, but it can still offer a lot of value. You’re getting classic looks with an affordable price tag that will last for years! Here are some features to keep in mind when examining watches at this level.


It’s not enough to just have a case that is stainless steel. You need an official-looking one as well, and there are some telltale signs: if the back of your watch has no inscription or logo on it but does sport some decorative plate.

Chances are good those plates aren’t made out of gold or silver – they’re usually plated with another metal like nickel which gives off much less light when shone under florescent lights than its counterparts (europium).

This means you could be getting fooled into buying cheaper watches because their fronts appear higher quality then what makes up most parts internally.

It would help buyers do justice.


Your wrist size is the key to determining which watch you should get. For every case, make sure that it fits and feels good on your body before purchasing, or else all of those luxurious features will be useless.

A giant cased timepiece looks bulky, while one too small can often feel lost under sleeve length. 


The gender-based differences in watches are clear to see. Women’s timepieces, on average, have brighter colours and more variety when it comes down to design.

At the same time, men’s watches tend towards black or silver with gold accents for their style quotient before they go all out traditionalism around here – whatever.

Fits best! As expected, there is quite literally something that will match any outfit (color-wise) if you’re a girl who appreciates fine things like jewellery boxes full of pretty stones/earrings, so many types available nowadays, as well as delicate bracelets and watches.


A watch is a versatile timepiece that can be used for many different purposes. The most important thing about your wristwatch, though, should not just depend on its design and functionality but also how reliable it will stay accurate over long periods of use – even when you’re taking care to store them properly!

You have three main types: mechanical watches, which require manual winding by their wearers; quartz models powered entirely with crystals (no batteries involved), as well as automatic movements created when every move made by the wearer helps power this type up in return.

So they don’t need any extra energy stored externally as some other styles do.; Whether dressing formally or casualwear-whether jeans + tee shirts or business suits.

Though the internal complexity of watches makes them something out of wonder, quartz timepieces can be simply put to use.

Moreover, they are often more dependable and accurate than mechanical or automatic ones due to their simple design with Japanese Miyota movements and Swiss Quartz mechanisms in this price range-the best options for those who want quality without breaking the bank.


A cheap watch might have fooled you for a while, but when scratches start appearing on your precious timepiece, you’ll quickly realize that mineral glass was not the best option.

Most of these watches are made with cheaper materials like plastic and metal, which means they will chip or break easily over just one use in everyday life!

Sapphire crystal is second only to diamond hardness – it can’t be scratched at all without an extraordinary amount of force being used upon them.

Pressure bearing capacity

All watches are pressurized to withstand water and humidity. However, some may not stand up under pressure like 3 ATMs or higher, which is why you must know what you’re buying so before putting them through such activities- even hand washing can damage a watch more than desired.

Watches with more significant pressures will be more watertight, but don’t expect to find a 10 ATM watch under 200 dollars.

Strap Quality

Investing in a quality watch is essential, and if you want your timepiece to stay on the wrist for longer than just an hour or two at most, then it needs some serious support.

You should invest not only money into this purchase but also care by choosing between genuine leathers which will last much more reliably than others; high-quality stainless steel (316L) that won’t harm skin even over long periods of exposure such as swimming pool days when chlorine can cause problems with other materials like nickel.

If investing means wearing something beautiful instead -why not-, consider one made from fine leather? 

Conclusion – Women’s watches under $200

There are so many fantastic watches globally, but not all of them can be had for under $200. That’s why we’ve compiled this list to help you find a look that will fit your budget and elevate any outfit with its timeless design or modern update.

Whether it’s because of their classic designs or modern updates-watches can promote any business from everyday practicality into something memorable. So whether it’s for yourself or as a gift, don’t forget about these best women’s watches for under $200.

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