8 Best Skeleton Watches Under $200

Skeleton watches are a great way to add some personality to your look. They are also convenient because they don’t require batteries or charging. If you want to get into the best skeleton watches under 200 collection, this article for you, read the complete article.

Skeleton is a type of wristwatch that features a design that resembles human bones. The name comes from the shape of the case, which looks like a skull. These watches are usually made out of stainless steel or titanium.

Best Skeleton Watches Under $200

Skeleton watches are often associated with military timepieces. They were initially designed for pilots who needed something lightweight and durable. Today, they are worn by both men and women.

Today, I’d want to discuss some of the more economical skeleton watches available. I use the term “affordable” to refer to anything under $200. This is the smallest amount required to participate in this market area.

If you are in a hurry and can’t read the complete article, here’s a shortlist of the Best Skeleton watches under 200 dollars that is highly recommended for you.

List of best Skeleton watches under $200


8 Best Skeleton Watches Under 200$

Skeleton watches are the best way to go if you want a watch that is more than just a timepiece. These watches have been designed to emphasize style and function, making them perfect for those who like to be different from everyone else.

Whether you’re looking for something classic or modern, there’s sure to be a skeleton watch out there that will suit your needs.

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1. Orient Bambino Auto Best Skeleton Watch Under 200

The Orient Bambino Open Heart Japanese mechanical skeleton stainless steel watch is beautiful, particularly if you enjoy viewing exposed mechanisms. It is not tacky and exposes only a section of the watch.

This wristwatch introduces a slew of new features to the Orient Bambino range. It is the only watch model without a date display and with an open heart dial for starters.

The watch’s trendy, thin hour markers and hands are identical to those on the Bambino Edition 4, while the onion-styled crown is identical to that on Version 2. Overall, it provides an appealing appearance.

Without the characteristic domed dial and crystal, it is not called a Bambino. It is driven by the refined F6T22 caliber built particularly for our open heart watches. The line measures 40.5mm broad and 12mm thick.


Water Resistance 50 meters

Design with an open heart

Mineral Crystal with a Domed Shape

Back of transparent case

movement with manual winding, automated winding, and hacking


The hour and minute hands may be out of calibration, mainly if you do not use the watch frequently.

2. Skeleton Diamond Automatic Watch Moon Watch

The best Skelton watch under 200 dollars is the most popular and affordable luxury watch. They have a wide range of styles, designs, and colors that you can choose from.

When using an automatic watch for the first time, you can spin the crown in the regular working position 30-40 times clockwise.

Because it must be wound automatically with the swing of the arm, it must be worn for at least eight hours every day to maintain precise timekeeping. Please keep from getting the leather strap wet for as long as possible to maintain the supple feel.


The Very Best Gifts for Him

Men’s Leather Watch that is Comfy

Bring Watchmaking to the Forefront of Your Mind

Dial Is Simple to Read


Reduces the Value of Batteries.

3. Fossil Men’s Townsman Skeleton Watch

I had never heard of skeleton watches until I went shopping for a new watch. This is the most remarkable specimen I could locate, which makes sense given Fossil’s longevity and the fact that I’ve had two other incredible watches from them.

As the photographs indicate, I was scared the glass would have a brown tinge, but it does not. This is an exquisite mechanical skeleton wristwatch. The ‘automatic’ portion implies it self-winds when in motion, which means I never have to wind it until I remove it for a lengthy period.

It appears to be relatively accurate; in the months that I’ve had it, I’ve only had to change it a handful of minutes. I’ve accidentally dunked this multiple times, forgetting I’m wearing it, but it hasn’t yet absorbed any water, so A+ on the waterproofing.

There are no scratches on the glass front, even though I stuck it multiple times in the way I expected it would. In summary, a lovely timepiece that I want to enjoy for years to come.

Improve your style with a polished watch like the Fossil Townsman wristwatch, which has a remarkable vintage appeal. The face is round—Analog two-hand display with two subdials and brand information. The back of the case is made of stainless steel—and an adjustable buckle closing on a leather strap.

The dial is partially visible and has chrome-tone hands and hour markers. Waterproof to 5 ATM/50m. Imported. Measurements: Case Width: 44 mm Case Depth: 14 34 mm Band Width: 22 mm Band Circumference/Length: 9 14 in Height: 44 mm Case Width: 44 mm Case Depth: 14 34 mm The weight of this item is 2.8 oz.


Case and band sizes are evenly distributed.

With a mineral crystal lens that has been toughened

Stunning timepiece

Excellent value for money

Appealing gift wrapping

Strap in leather


When it’s on your wrist, the concept of the see-through outer ring almost vanishes.

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4. OLEVS Automatic Mechanical Skeleton Watch for Men

Olives Automatic Mechanical Skeleton Watch is beautiful, and it is simple to change the time, date, week, and month! Excellent value for the money spent. I would recommend this watch to anyone looking for a high-quality timepiece.

OLEVS has dedicated itself to developing high-end, high-performance, multi-function timepieces. The classic black dial demonstrates your severe and calm demeanor, while the stainless steel band makes it easy to match your attire! Business dress watches, casual watches, men’s presents, and other occasions are appropriate for this watch.

There is no need for a battery in a LEVS mechanical watch because it is self-winding and manual winding. It winds itself by the movement of your wrist, and we recommend wearing it for at least 8 hours per day to maintain precise timekeeping.

The skeleton tourbillon design can compensate for gravity’s effect on the watch’s escapement system sections, improving time accuracy.

The OLEVS Automatic Mechanical Watch is waterproof to 30 meters, making it suitable for everyday use such as hand washing and rainy days, but not for submerged activities. As a result, this timepiece is not appropriate for swimming.


Self-winding Watch Upgrade

Men’s Luxury Watches

Design of a Multifunctional Dial

Waterproof Watch with a Luminous Dial

With Confidence, Shop


There is no hidden battery.

5. Relic Men’s Analog Skeleton Watch

Relic by Fossil is a wristwatch and delivering quality based in the United States that creates affordable, elevated casual designs. Each of our hallmark watches and accessories is the ideal blend of classic style with modern improvements, making them ideal for your everyday life.

The Relic Men’s analog watch looks like the Bulova skeleton I broke. It has a nice look and a good amount of weight to it. The crystal is slightly domed.

Hacking and winding by hand, I’m not sure if this is a Miyota from Japan or an excellent Chinese movement, but it works well and isn’t sloppy.

Without a doubt, I suggest this watch. Because it has no volume, it will be impossible to tell what time it is night and in direct sunshine due to the polished hands and movement, but it looks fantastic. It’s a folded link bracelet.

It’s an excellent timepiece. I guess the selling point here would be the gaunt face and the fact that it is an automated (self-winding) watch, but it is also feasible to wind it if it stops ticking after a lengthy period of inactivity manually.



42mm stainless steel case with gunmetal plating

20mm stainless steel bracelet with gunmetal plating

Waterproof to a depth of 165 feet.


The packing is not good

6. Stuhrling Original Men’s Automatic Skeleton Watch

Stuhrling is yet another example of a watch brand founded in the United States that dominates the budget part of the market. Stuhrling is also one of the few watch manufacturers that completely discloses the specifics of their components.

Stuhrling, for example, uses Chinese movement in their watches, just like Fossil, which I discussed earlier. Stuhrling, on the other hand, isn’t afraid to admit that their activity is created in China.

This watch has a design that I truly appreciate. I was sold on the novelty of seeing the gears working within, and while I recognize that this is a personal opinion, I believe it looks nice without being flashy. It also keeps an excellent time!

The case is sturdy, the glass is scratch-resistant, the band isn’t cheap, and *most* of the pieces inside appear to be well-made and assembled (there are a couple of plastic bits).

It also comes in a large, important-looking box, giving the impression that you’ve invested in a premium Swiss timepiece, even if you haven’t.

This is a fantastic watch, and I’m pretty pleased with it. I’m a mechanical engineer, so seeing the watch’s inner workings fascinates me.

I also get much satisfaction from having and using a 100% automatic thing in this digital age. Because of some of the poor reviews, I was hesitant to purchase this watch.

On the other hand, my watch has been operating flawlessly and keeping excellent time. In a week, it increases by around a minute.

The only thing I would change is to have hands that are different from the watch workings, as the hands can be challenging to see at times. My wife admires my watch, so I expect her to purchase a skeletonized Stuhrling watch shortly.


Design is outstanding.

Genuine soft plush leather strap

High-quality construction

Extremely cost-effective


Movement is mediocre at best, and it isn’t exact.

7. Relic by Fossil Men’s Damon Automatic Watch

Even a $200 skeleton watch may be out of reach for many individuals. Fossil understands this, which is why they created the Relic series.

The Relic by Fossil Men’s Damon Automatic Watch is an excellent choice for those on a budget. To correspond with the name Relic, Relic loves old styles. The gold finish is extensively favored in the design. The gold-toned finish extends to the case, crown, gems, and markings.

The first impression was that it was too light to be substantial. As time went on, it struck me as distinct. I own two skeleton watches, both of which have served me well for the past seven years, yet they bear no resemblance to this conundrum.

This turned out to be a good thing. I began to fall in love with her on purpose. Fascinating! This evaluation will be continued at a later date.

This watch was sold without cushioning and came with a 128 oz bottle of cleaning fluid. It was a huge let-down. When I raised the heavy item, it slid from my grasp.

The watch was taken out of its dented case when it was opened. It’s a present that appears to be functioning. If it doesn’t work, I’ll have to try to get it returned to me.


Design and color scheme in a vintage style

Exceptional finish quality

Good construction quality

Extremely cost-effective


Movement of quality is not good

It’s difficult to tell the time with the golden hands on the brilliant diamond.

8. Swatch Sparkling Circle Quartz Skeleton Watch

Another Swatch watch that promotes funkiness is the Unisex SUOZ147 Silver Glam Watch. All of the Swatch watches have such unconventional designs.

The Swatch Silver Glam is a quartz movement with a see-through look, not an accurate skeleton watch, so keep that in mind.

I’ve been wearing Swatch watches for years, but mine broke, so I went on Amazon and discovered this one for $50 less than the first time I saw it. I also like the style, and the bracelet is quite comfy to wear and fits a tiny wrist perfectly.




Authentic Swiss movement


Quartz movement is included.

This isn’t an authentic skeleton timepiece.

Plastic, silicone, and acrylic are used to make this product.

Types of Skeleton Watches

There are many different types of skeleton watches. The most common type is the mechanical watch, which has a movement that keeps time using gears and springs.

Mechanical watches have been around for hundreds of years, but they were not very popular until the early 1900s when quartz movements became available.

Quartz watches use a battery instead of a spring or other power source to keep time. They also tend to be smaller than mechanical watches.

The second type of skeleton watch is an analog watch. Analog watches do not have any moving parts; they display the current time on a dial.

Some analog watches can tell you what day it is, how long ago something happened, and even give you some information about your health. These watches are usually more expensive than mechanical watches because there is no need for a complicated mechanism.

The third type of skeleton watch is a digital watch. Digital watches look like regular watches except that they have small LCD screens inside them.

Most people think these watches are too complicated to wear, but they are pretty easy to operate. You simply press buttons to change the date, set the alarm, or turn off the watch. Some models even have a compass built into the clock so that you can navigate with ease.

Automatic vs. mechanical Skeleton Watches

As previously said, the fundamental attraction of a skeleton watch is the ability to look through it. That is to say, if your watch does not contain intriguing inner parts, having a skeleton watch is pointless.

On the other hand, your perfect skeleton watch should have an automatic or mechanical movement. These motions consist of twenty or more diamonds that operate in unison to keep time.

The diamonds in both timepieces are kept moving by the spring energy. The spring on a regular mechanical watch must be wound by hand.

When you incorporate the movement, you’re essentially re-energizing the spring mechanism, which allows the clock to maintain time once more.

Mechanical movements are pretty outdated and having to wind the watch every time you wear it is also highly inconvenient.

What to Check for When Purchasing a Skeleton Watch under 200 dollar

A skeleton watch is distinguished by looking through the dial and case back. The clock’s beauty is enhanced tenfold when all the gears and components function in perfect harmony.

Thus, a good skeleton watch should have a pleasing movement for both the owner and the observer. 

Watch material 

Use a stainless steel case material if you want your skeleton watch to survive a long time while still looking as beautiful as the day you bought it. Following that, you may select the suitable material for the watch’s strap based on your style.

You may choose a watch strap that reflects your personality or is themed around specific events.

Color, design, and size

Choose your preferred design and color for men or ladies. Additionally, you must examine timepieces that are appropriate for your wrist and suit. When paired with the right fashion ensemble, the case itself will speak for your style.


A mechanical skeleton watch requires more care than an automated movement skeleton watch. As a result, you may pick according to your tastes. However, modern skeleton watches are also considered consumer jewelry.


While not all watch collectors value this function, it is necessary and convenient. This is because your watch will be protected from rain and water.

FAQs Related Best Skeleton Watches Under 200

What Is a Skeleton Watch?

Any normal skeleton is the inspiration for a skeleton watch. While the inner workings of a traditional watch are hidden behind the opaque dial and case back, the inner workings of a skeleton watch are seen through transparent material (crystal).

Is skeleton watches good? 

Skeleton watches have a special ability to bring the skill of watchmaking to the forefront. Their open design not only shows the mechanism of the clock but also allows the wearer to explore the intricate inner workings of his timepiece.

Do Skeleton Watches Offer Any Mechanical Benefits?

No! A skeleton watch is just a timepiece with a translucent case. The rest of the situation stays unchanged. As a result, a skeleton has no mechanical benefit from a technical standpoint.

How Accurate Are Skeleton Watches?

As precise as any other automated or mechanical timepiece! The “skeleton” feature has no bearing on the accuracy. The movement or caliber of a skeleton watch, or any watch for that matter, is fully responsible for its accuracy. A better movement selection will provide more precise timing. It has nothing to do with whether the watch is skeleton or not.

Conclusion – Skeleton Watches Under 200$

Although we admire all of the watches or things mentioned above, the Orient Bambino Open Heart Japanese Automatic Stainless Steel and Leather Dress Watch are our favorite. It has an automatic movement, and everyday accuracy of +25 to -15 seconds is guaranteed.

Its case diameter (40.5mm) is precisely appropriate for your wrist. This water-resistant watch can also tolerate splashes or brief immersion in water. It’s a fantastic open heart watch for the price.

This model also includes a domed crystal, which we appreciate. This is great for both watch collectors and horology fans. It gives you the best of both worlds in watchmaking in terms of pricing and quality.

Recommended Best Skeleton Watches Under 200

Watch 1: Orient Bambino Auto Best Skeleton Watch

Watch 2: OLEVS Automatic Mechanical Watch for Men

Watch 3: Stuhrling Original Men’s Automatic Skeleton Watch

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