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Top 20 Best Cheap Watches Under $30 for Men’s

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Are you looking for the best cheap watches for men? If you are like that, this article is perfect for you. We will talk about the best cheap watches under $30 that are worth your time and money. 

The world of watches has a lot of different options for those who want to invest their money into something that will last. Some peoples need inexpensive wristwatches.

I have good news for you, and if you’re the type of person who always brings a watch to match their outfit, but has $30 left in his pocket for a special occasion, then this article is for you. It is now possible to buy a watch that will go with any outfit.

We have a bucket list of affordable yet high-quality gifts which will make any man happy and content at the same time. You don’t need anything anymore. We’ve found 20 watches below $30 with valuable features that will last even your harshest critics through anything life throws at them.

If you are in a hurry and you can’t read the complete article, then the suggested best cheap watches under 30$ list is highly recommended for you, which is given in the below list:

Top Picks From Best Cheap Watches Under $30

Detail Review of the Cheap Watches Under 30 Dollars

If you’re on the lookout for a cheap new watch but aren’t sure where to start your search, keep reading. Many different brands and styles are available on the market, all at various prices. I’ve compiled a detailed review of the 20 best cheap watches under $30. 

1. LIGE Men’s Watch

LIGE Men's Watch

The LIGE Men’s Watch is perfect for any man who wants a high-quality, reliable quartz watch. This durable and stylish timepiece features an imported Japanese movement with precise timing that will never let you down!

The leather strap allows this to be worn casually or formally as desired while also providing comfort during wear, thanks in part to its adjustable pin buckle closure system – making it suitable whether at work or playtime on casual days alike.

It has all the features you need, from a stopwatch to a date display, and it can withstand being worn in the water! The best part? You get 30 days of hassle-free service if there’s ever something wrong with your purchase, so don’t worry about losing cash on this item.


The LIGE Men’s series has a water resistance rating of 30 meters, so they are suitable for casual use in wet environments.

They can withstand brief immersion around your waist level with little effect on battery life or performance.

But aren’t meant as swimming watches and shouldn’t be used near apareons liquids like pools unless you want them ruined.

  • 24-month warranty
  • High-quality design
  • Durable, functional watch
  • Multifunctional chronograph-
  • Stopwatch and auto date function
  • Great for daily use with water resistance
  • Free return within 30 days if not satisfied
  • A reasonable price without sacrificing
  • Quartz movement provides precise timekeeping
  • Nonfunctional chronograph
  • Feminine look
  • Rose gold color rather than gold
  • The stopwatch is not functional

2. Men’s Military Watch

Men's Military Watch


The Men’s Military Watch is a rugged, high-quality watch for men who want an accurate timepiece that can withstand the elements.

This durable sports digital wristwatch features dual displays and multiple functions to help you with your outdoor or indoor activities such as running, hiking, etc…

At the same time, a water-resistant puzzle 30m will never let you down during daily use in any condition! The stainless steel band also helps improve durability by providing extra protection against dust particles.

When on location outdoors, so don’t worry, even if it’s been exposed to long periods of rainwater, exposure won’t hurt this beauty.

This military watch provides precise timekeeping and longer service life, with an adjustable band that will feel comfortable on your wrist.

The durable senior plastic case is made of mineral glass for better durability; it also has a warranty of 12 months.


As long as you have a watch to tell time, this waterproof wristwatch is perfect for active people. The strap has been designed with a stainless steel bottom to keep up in even wet conditions.

This Japanese imported movement ensures precision timing and longer battery life – making sure each moment counts.

  • Large digital display for user-friendly
  • High-quality Japanese movement
  • Great for both outdoor and indoor activities
  • Durable materials with the 304 steel bottom
  • Soft rubber band won’t feel uncomfortable
  • Durable plastic casing and mineral glass mirror
  • 12-month warranty with quality guarantee
  • Second hand don’t move
  • Analogue doesn’t have the correct time
  • It is difficult to replace batteries
  • Easily get rusted
  • Water-resistant to some extent
  • Don’t have accurate timings

3. LYMFHCH Men’s Analog Sports Watch

LYMFHCH Men's Analog Sports Watch

The LYFHCH Men’s Analog Sports Watch is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast. This LED Military Digital watch has an electronic stopwatch.

Large dual dial time display with 11 functions including hourly chime and alarm clock on top of other helpful features like calendar date function that keeps track of week-month cycle all in one place as well as split chronograph.

So you can quickly check two different times simultaneously or just see your progress through one’s workout without having to press buttons!

It also provides water resistance up to 164 feet (50 meters) deep underwater, which means no pressing buttons under pressure since it’ll be too hard trying not to spill anything if at least somewhat close by while wearing this thing – but don’t worry because there are extra protection measures built into both sides.

The fashionable and durable watch is perfect for all kinds of sports. It has a dual dial design, making it easy to read with ease even in bright light or at night when the backlight shines on your wrist, giving you that extra dash-of personality! In addition, the stopwatch function can be used as an everyday tool.


The watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters, but don’t press any buttons under the surface of the sea or in case you damage your waterproof watch. It also supports two different time zones for those who need them on their wrist at all times – never late!

The shock resistance ensures this piece will be with us even during an intense workout or after dropping our watch out-of beach ‘ocean.’ And if we want some lightness? Well, there are LED-backlit functions available, so no problem here either.

  • Waterproof up to 50M
  • Easily switch between two time zones
  • Multifunctional, perfect for any activity.
  • Comfortable
  • Backlight only stays ON for 3 seconds
  • Hard to see hands in the dark
  • Huge in size
  • Water-resistant to a bit of extent

4. Timex Men’s Expedition Acadia Watch

Best watch for men

The Timex Men’s Expedition Acadia Full Size Watch is an outdoor watch that can be worn in any situation. The 20mm nylon strap ensures it will fit up to 8-inch wrists with comfort, while the classic design offers timeless looks for years to come!

In addition, it features a black dial complete with white Arabic numerals and a 39mm resin case made out of acrylic lensed glass; this makes it water-resistant down below sea level (50 meters or 165 feet) but not suitable if you plan on diving/snorkeling).

All these great attributes, plus Indiglo light-up display technology, allow easy timekeeping without hassle.


Timex is known for its durability, and the Expedition Acadia watch has all of this timepiece built-in. In addition, it’s water-resistant up to 50 meters, making it ideal if you plan on going swimming or taking a dive into deeper waters but not snorkeling.

  • Affordable for a watch that is water-resistant to 165 ft
  • Durable and dependable
  • Luminous hands show up in low light settings, perfect for nighttime runners
  • Tells the date on the watch face
  • No expensive look
  • The tab on the buckle is catchy and tangles clothes, blankets, etc.
  • Date setting is difficult
  • Feminine look
  • Indigo is not enough to illuminate the face.
  • Battery life is limited
  • The strap is long and heavy

5. Men’s Military Tactical Army Wristwatch

Men's Military Tactical Army Wristwatch

The Men’s Military Watch is a challenging and durable watch that can take on any sporty activity. This military-style wristwatch has the face of an army with its big numbers, bright colors (including red!),

And large size to match your personality: 2″/ 53mm in diameter means it’ll look good whether you wear them during work or fun times out there!

It even includes multifunctional features such as the stopwatch function, alarm clock function. Not only does this ensure precision timing.

But it will give you peace of mind knowing all parts happen on one easy-to-date display, making sure there isn’t anything left undone before bedtime has come around again. 

The durable case makes for comfortable daily wear while providing enough strength needed during activity.

The best part about these wrist-worn devices is that they come with all sorts of features, including water resistance, so there’s no need to worry about getting caught in an unexpected downpour or submerged under waves at beach time.

But please keep one thing in mind: DO NOT press buttons underwater and don’t use hot tap water either because this might damage its battery which would result in impaired functionality after some use.


This watch is a water-resistant and durable timepiece perfect for anything from swimming to washing dishes. But please don’t press any buttons underwater or while using hot water.

The imported quartz movement and long-life battery ensure that this watch can keep precise time.

  • Military design
  • Massive face with big numbers
  • Stopwatch, alarm, calendar, long-life battery
  • The comfortable and soft band
  • Perfect gift for dad, brother, and hubby
  • Durable military watch
  • Versatile and timeless timepiece
  • Digital readout is small
  • Plastic lens breaks easily
  • The battery is not efficient
  • Face is dark
  • Band is bulky
  • Not visible during daytime

6. Casio Men’s Classic Quartz Watch

Casio Men's Classic Quartz Watch

The Casio Men’s Classic Quartz Watch with Resin Strap is a durable, stylish timepiece that will keep you looking your best.

The 35 mm plastic case and protective resin glass dial window are both water-resistant for when it rains or if there’s just some sweat on the brow!

There are also Arabic numeral markers to help track seconds while sporting this black band, made especially for guys who know how vital their appearance should be in life.


The Casio Men’s Classic Quartz Watch is a sleek and stylish timepiece. It features an analog display with quartz movement, a water-resistant design, making it perfect for everyday use.

  • Impressive looks that are sure to grab the attention
  • The black resin strap is comfortable and durable
  • The 35 mm plastic case helps keep the watch
  • Even though quartz watches are low cost
  • Feminine appearance
  • You can’t wear it during the shower, swimming / deep-sea diving.
  • Band is uncomfortable
  • For teenagers

7. Casio Mud Quartz Watch 

Casio Mud Quartz Watch 

The Casio Mud Resistant Stainless Steel Quartz Watch with Resin Strap is a durable, water-resistant watch that features high-quality construction and comes in either an Imported or Made in the USA version.

This heavy-duty design offers many additional benefits, such as mud resistance, which means it can withstand getting dirty without getting damaged quickly!

In addition, it has ten years of battery life, so you don’t need to worry about replacing them often when they die out of their own accord.


Casio’s new Mud Resistant Stainless Steel Quartz Watch is the perfect choice for anyone looking to withstand harsh conditions.

With super illumination and vibration alarm features, this durable timepiece will keep you on your toes no matter what Mother Nature throws at it.

Mud-resistant construction means that not only can you wear it while swimming or fishing in wet areas but even if there are puddles nearby because they don’t affect its functionality as much compared to other brands that often lose power after repeated dips underwater.

  • Perfect for those who lead active
  • The mud resistant design with a 100-meter water
  • Mud resistant quartz watch that is made in the USA
  • Nonfunctional buttons and hard to press
  • The buckle is made up of plastic
  • Difficult to use
  • Vibrating alarms are not so active

8. Casio Men’s Quartz Watch

Casio Men's Classic Quartz Watch

This Casio Men’s Analog Watch is a simple, versatile timepiece great for everyday wear. The black-and-white design of this watch makes it stand out from the crowd without being too trendy or flashy.

So you can still get away with wearing your watch when going about errands in town. This durable mineral window protects an all-white dial face that cleanly features.

Arabic numeral hour indexes and minute markers complement one another beautifully thanks to their complementary colors; they’ll match anything from jeans and button-down shirts during work hours.


This Casio men’s quartz resin casual watch is perfect for anyone who wants to stay active. It features a durable, water-resistant design with an easy-to-read dial that also has numerals in case you need them too!

The movement of this timepiece won’t stop your busy day, so even if it rain or snows outside, no worries because everything stays on track thanks to its precision Japanese Quartz (computer cow) motion technology which keeps data accurate up until 30 meters under sea level making these watches perfect.

  • Comfortable and straightforward design that can be worn with anything
  • Protective mineral glass cover
  • Clear dial for easy reading
  • Durable, reliable strap
  • Strap is small
  • Battery life is not long-lasting
  • Good for teenagers

9. INFANTRY Men’s Military Tactical Watch

INFANTRY Men's Military Tactical Watch

This Military Men’s Watch features a 12-hour display with day and date, supporting English or Spanish.

It can withstand 5 ATM water resistance which makes it perfect for most outdoor sports except showering in warm water because of its limited durability when underwater activities such as diving are concerned but not snorkeling.

This stylish Quartz wristwatch is an excellent choice if you’re looking to get your hands on some new watch gears without spending too much money at once time.


The INFANTRY 5ATM Waterproof Men’s Military Tactical Field Watch is a watch that will provide you with accurate timekeeping and long-term running.

This imported Japanese quartz analog movement, battery-powered device has an anti-scratch mineral dial window tough stainless steel case.

In addition, it’s addition, and it’s made from a durable black nylon band for extra strength and durability.

The military-grade design makes this perfect as an everyday wear item or when out on missions where protection against moisture/dust is necessary such as in Northern climates like Canada, which may include snowfall during winter months.

  • Watch is water-resistant to 165 ft
  • Indoor/Outdoor watch
  • Easy to read the display in English and Spanish
  • Ideal for sports or other outdoor events
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Durable black nylon band
  • Anti-scratch mineral dial window
  • Not shock resistant
  • Rusted easily
  • Small-sized
  • Challenging to set time and day-date
  • Tangled into clothes

10. Casio Men’s AE-1000W-1AVCF Watch 

Casio Men's AE-1000W-1AVCF Watch 

If you’re looking for a dependable, sporty watch that will last your entire life and not look out of place in any situation, then the Casio Men’s AE-1000W-1AVCF Resin Sport Watch is perfect.

This imported timepiece features a multifunction dial with alarm, world timer feature, and day/date/month functions, all on a 45 mm resin case paired up with a quartz movement digital display with an accuracy rating of close to ±30 seconds per month!

It also comes equipped with textured resin bands to be easily put together whether they are just hanging around at home or being used during rigorous sporting activities such size swimming & snorkeling thanks to its water-resistance capabilities ranging from 100m deep (331 ft.).


The Casio Men’s AE-1000W-1AVCF Resin Sport Watch is a modern, high-tech quartz watch with a digital display.

It has many features, including water resistance up to 100 meters, making it suitable for snorkeling or swimming in general but not scuba diving because of its depth rating (330 feet).

  • Why stop resetting the date or time? The Casio AE-1000W-1AVCF Resin Sport Watch with Black Band does all the work for you!

  • This watch has various features that save you time and effort, including an alarm clock, world timer, day/date/month display.

  • Get accurate results with digital display and Japanese Quartz movement. 

  • Water-resistant up to 100 meters (330 feet), this watch is excellent for swimming or snorkeling but not scuba diving.

  • Uncomfortable, stiff resin strap.
  • Has one LED backlight
  • Buttons are sensitive
  • The backlight is very dim
  • Battery life is limited
  • Buttons cannot be locked

11. MJSCPHBJK Men’s Analog Sports Watch

MJSCPHBJK Men's Analog Sports Watch

The MJSCPHBJK Men’s Analog Sports Watch is the perfect sports watch for any occasion. Get this high-quality, military-grade watch with a dual-display that is water-resistant up to 164 feet and tough enough for any outdoor activity.

In addition, with both analog and digital timekeeping options available in one slim design, you will not be disappointed when it comes down to function or fashion!

Included are all of the features needed by athletes, including shock resistance, so nothing disrupts your workout plan; an emergency stopwatch which can measure up to 15 minutes past either 12 hours (24 hours total), plus there’s also backlight illumination during nighttime use.

This watch band is made of silicon rubber, which makes it comfortable and stylish. It’s perfect for wearing during all activities you do.

Such as sports or indoor lounging in your room when no one can see what time-telling device you’re using. In addition, you’ll love how multifunctional this wristwatch has multiple features like dual clocks with different time zones to accommodate any international trip.

An alarm so nothing gets in the way between waking up on schedule every morning (even if we don’t always get enough sleep); water resistance that protects from rain splashes but not deep dives–and finally LED screen backlight illuminating dark places at night because who wants only hard mode?


This waterproof watch has all of the features needed by athletes, including shock resistance, so nothing disrupts your workout plan.

Water-resistant and prevents rain splashes but not deep dives in poolside activities or during heavy downpours when you want protection from wet conditions without sacrificing performance with a traditional waterproof design.

  • Extremely durable, 50m waterproof

  • Support two different time zone for countries with the half-hour time difference

  • Shock resistance to withstand drops and other impacts 

  • LED backlight function makes it perfect for all kinds of sport because it’s easy to read in the dark

  • Convenient size that can fit all wrist sizes

  • Large dials make it easy to read outdoors and at night

  • It is hard to read the instruction sheet as it is written in grey ink

  • Instructions are not written by professional

  • Heavy

  • Buttons fell off easily

  • Dim LED

12. KAITO Men’s Watch

KAITO Men's Watch

The KXAITO Men’s Watches are perfect for the watch enthusiast who wants a high-quality piece that can also double as an alarm clock or stopwatch.

The military-inspired design is both fashionable and functional, with its large dial being especially suited towards those who have larger hands than most people do.

In addition, it features rigid materials like acrylic crystal glass windows on each side of it, which offer protection against harmful instruments while still maintaining visibility in low lighting conditions. 

This stylish sports-inspired timepiece will keep up your appearance whether you’re out running errands during daytime hours or attending official events after dark.

Think about all of these reasons why this sporty style should be a top priority on your accessory checklist today.

The pure and durable PU watch band is a perfect accessory to wear during your daily activities.

This delicate yet challenging piece of material will not only keep up with you while running, climbing, or any other sporty endeavor.

But also withstand water pressure so that it can be used for anything from indoor workouts in the gymnasiums down under 5 ATMs.


This watch can do it all! With a tough but soft material, this watch is perfect for any sporty activity. In addition,

It will withstand pressure from water no matter what you are doing- whether taking part in training at the gym or going out with friends on vacation during summertime.

  • Durable and comfortable military sports design

  • Large dial is perfect for those who like a large dial watch

  • Multi-function with 12/24H format option, making it suitable for all kinds of sports and daily use

  • Versatile design, suited for running, climbing, and everyday use

  • The soft PU watch band is durable and breathable to maintain a comfortable fit 

  • Large dual dial displays time in both your local time zone and the one around the world

  • Splash-proof- withstands light rain or sprinklers but should not be submerged

  • Too much flashy

  • The band is not very flexible

  • The face of the watch is very soft

  • Reading digital displays is difficult

  • Buttons are sensitive

13. Men’s Digital Sports Watch

Men's Digital Sports Watch

If you’re looking for a watch that will take care of your active lifestyle, look no further than this Men’s Digital Sports Watch.

This LED screen large face military watch is geared towards men who enjoy doing sports and want something durable enough to withstand some hard knocks while still being stylish at the same time!

With its fashionable sporty dial design with light-up features such as numbers or EL lamp when needed – not just in dark conditions.

It appeals considerably on both ends: those interested primarily in personal style and have needs relating them to their favorite pastime.

We want to make sure you have the perfect watch for your active lifestyle. This watch is lightweight, durable, and waterproof.

This multifunctional timepiece has everything from an alarm clock with a backlight to stopwatch functionality so that even when things get tough out there on the court or field.

They are still non-disabled enough in other endeavors during downtime between workouts. Water-resistant up 164 ft. / 50 meters deep maximum depth can withstand splashes.

But please do not press any buttons underwater since doing so may cause damage in the worst-case scenario.


If you’re looking for a watch that can do it all, this is the one. It features an alarm clock with a handy backlight and stopwatch functionality.

So even when things get tough on the court or field, they will be non-disabled enough in other endeavors during downtime between workouts.

In addition, the water-resistant case means your precious timepiece won’t just stay readable after getting wet.

But also allows deep diving up to 164 ft / 50 meters maximum depth without worrying about pressing buttons underwater since doing so may cause damage.

  • Anti-shatter watch glass, a tough and durable design for rugged wear

  • Military-grade materials that can withstand any harsh conditions

  • Keep track of your activity with Time, Date, Alarm, and Stopwatch functions 

  • High quality LED screen prevents the need to struggle with reading in low light

  • A large face makes reading time easy for both light and dark areas

  • The stopwatch function allows you to track your running times or other specific periods

  • Military 24hour mode, so you know what time it is no matter the hour

  • Waterproof to some extent

  • The watchband is not durable

  • Instructions in the manual are very tiny and hard to read

14. LIGE Men’s Watch

LIGE Men's Watch

LIGE Men’s Watch is an excellent choice for any occasion. This classic simple design will be incredibly suitable to wear on your wrist, and it’s also unisex size, meaning that either men or women can use this watch comfortably!

Furthermore, it comes in a stainless steel mesh strap, which gives you a high-quality wearing experience. Again, its durable material makes sure that the bracelet doesn’t break easily under pressure while providing ultimate comfort due to its easy-fitting feature.

For those times, you need a high-quality, water-resistant watch that will withstand anything from washing your hands in cold weather to going for a swim while fishing.

The rugged exterior can also survive being submerged under 3 ATM of pressure. With this model by LIGE, there won’t be any worries about dropping off during rain or sweating heavily without worrying about damage.

Because it’s got strong engineering inside as well, thanks to its Japanese quartz movement – which means precision down patches making sure what time is shown on yours truly stays accurate no matter how much activity goes on around me including fast-paced routines at work.


The rugged exterior can also survive being submerged under 3 ATM of pressure and even take on the challenge of dropping off during rain without worry thanks to its Japanese quartz movement – precision down patches making sure what time is shown.

  • If you’re tired of your cheap watch breaking and there is an amazingly inexpensive replacement that will last for years

  • This designer luxury watch would be a perfect choice for casual or formal occasions

  • You can trust buying this brand 

  • It’s great to know you’ll get the right size the first time

  • Durable and water-resistant

  • Displaying accurate timekeeping

  • Great design and quality at the budget-friendly price point

  • Not long-lasting

  • Adjustment of band length is harder

  • Band clasp metal is fragile

  • The clasp is not ok

15. Casio Quartz Watch

Casio Quartz Watch

The Casio Quartz Watch with Resin Strap is a modern, waterproof watch that will last you for years. The LED light lets people know your day’s status without breaking any bedtime routines in between work or school hours!

Daily alarms ensure an easy morning routine, while hourly time signals keep everyone on track throughout their busy days at home or abroad too.

A 12/24-hour format makes sure there’s no confusion when switching between times zones.


The Casio Quartz Watch is an efficient, stylish timepiece that lasts for years on one battery. In addition, it’s water-resistant and features LED lights to keep your night bright.

  • Water-resistant

  • Durable and long-lasting battery life

  • Stylish yet durable materials such as resin straps

  • LED light for convenient viewing in dark settings

  • The strap is stiff and uncomfortable

  • The band is not purely white

  • Small in size

  • Harder to read face in the dark

16. Timex Unisex Weekender 38mm Watch

Timex Unisex Weekender 38mm Watch

The Timex Unisex Weekender Watch is perfect for adventures, whether you’re on land or in the water.

This 38mm brass case lightweight unisex watch has an adjustable black nylon slip-thru strap that fits up to 8-inch wrists and features a cream dial with full Arabic numerals.

24-hour military time display at night when lit by Indigo light feature illumination through mineral glass crystal.

It also includes Water-resistant properties meaning it can withstand splashes but not swimming nor bathing exposure since each comes recommended at 100ft without issue.


The Timex Unisex Weekender 38mm Watch is a dependable, lightweight watch perfect for swimming or bathing.

It can withstand brief immersion in water and has an attractive design with green details that clarify that this does not belong solely on your wrist.

  • Classic, time-tested watch

  • Slim design with adjustable strap fits all wrist sizes

  • Has a timeless feel and is universally appealing

  • Functions as a durable everyday watch

  • A watch is water-resistant up to 30 meters

  • Built-in light doesn’t work properly

  • No warranty

  • Hands are not visible

  • Lack of date display

  • The face is brutal to read

17. Casio Unisex Neo-Display watch

Casio Unisex Neo-Display watch

There’s no better way to stay stylish and on-trend than with this Casio MRW200H-4BV “Neo-Display” Black Watch.

It features a 44mm face, extensive indexes that provide at-a-heel glance information about your timepiece, such as a date display along with 100-meter water resistance for those unpredictable swims in the pool.

Moreover, with its bi-directional rotating bezel combined with high-quality resin band construction, you can’t go wrong when looking good is what matters most.


Casio is one of the most well-known watch companies out there, and this Casio MRW200H-4BV “Neo-Display” Black Watch proves it.

It features an easy-to-read 44mm face, extensive indexes for at-a-glance information such as date display along with 100-meter water resistance in case your swims take place both poolside.

  • 44.6mm face with extensive indexes makes it easy-to-read

  • 100-meter water-resistant means it can be used in rough environments

  • Bi-directional rotating bezel provides navigational capabilities

  • Durable and sturdy for everyday use

  • Complex

  • Dim backlight

  • Battery replacement is expensive

  • Battery life is short

18. Armitron Sport Men’s Watch

best watch for men

Armitron is an excellent company that makes high-quality watches for every occasion. This Armitron Sport Men’s Digital Chronograph Resin Strap.

The watch features an elegant gold case with the blacktop ring, LCD of time and date as well as various other functions including a chronograph lap timer alarm dual times military clock backlight.

So it can be used no matter what activity you are doing or how much water resistance your require! The 53-millimeter wide size means this particular model will fit most wrists comfortably without being too bulky on them while still providing quality protection against sweat at 100m depth underwater (330 feet).


The Armitron Sport Men’s Digital Chronograph Resin Strap Watch is a stylish and durable timepiece that features: water-resistant to 330 feet (100M), large digital numbers for easy reading on the face of this watch; resin strap with a black textured finish.

  • A new look on an old favorite. The Armitron Sport Men’s Digital Chronograph Resin Strap Watch is a must-have for the fashionable athlete

  • Track your laps with precision and accuracy 

  • Get notified of the time, date, day, and military time. This watch has it all 

  • Produces accurate results due to high-quality plastic casing and water resistance up to 330 feet

  • The background is black and harder to read during daylight

  • Plastic strap

  • Hard to read in the dark

19. Timex Men’s Gold-Tone Watch

Timex Men's Gold-Tone Watch

The Timex Men’s T21942 Chambers Street Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Expansion Band Watch is an excellent choice for anyone looking to invest with their timepiece.

This durable, high-quality watch features Indigos Night Light and Water-resistant capabilities, so you can get through rainy days without worries about damaging your precious treasures.

The sleek design will also complement any outfit, thanks in part to its metal finish paired up nicely against other metals such as silver or gold tones – no matter what style of dressing one prefers, there should be something here that suits them perfectly.


This stylish, high-quality watch is the perfect accessory for rainy days. It features Indigo Night Light and Water-resistant capabilities.

So you can get through your busy day without worrying about damaging it with water or rough handling. The durable material construction ensures that this beautiful wristwatch will last forever.

  • Night-light to see time in the dark

  • Lightweight and comfortable design

  • Timex watch fits everybody’s wrist style/size

  • 100-meter water is resistant to rain, splashes, etc.

  • Watch loses about five minutes per day

  • Waterproof to some extent

  • The stem doesn’t change the date on the watch

  • For older people

  • Indigo don’t work efficiently

  • Band is short

20. Men’s Digital Sports Watch

Men's Digital Sports Watch

The best watches are the ones that can do it all. These men’s watches have a sleek design and come with features like stopwatch capability.

So you’ll be able to keep track of your progress whether at home on training runs or while abroad in another country doing research!

In addition, the large dials mean easy reading even in low light conditions; plus, they’re water-resistant up until 300 meters deep (1 ATM).

Not only will these high-quality pieces make an excellent gift idea for any occasion, but they also offer great peace of mind knowing someone cares enough about them as well–so get yours today before they’re gone.

The multifunction watch is perfect for both outdoor and indoor sports. It features an alarm, stopwatch function that can be used to time races or practices with its LED display screen, which also shows the date at your convenience.

But it’s not just good for telling time. In addition, this water-resistant watch has water resistance up to 164 ft (49 m).


These watches are perfect for some of your favorite outdoor sports like fishing and climbing. They’re also water-resistant, which means they can take a beating on land or sea!

Please do not press any buttons underwater because that would ruin these expensive timepieces.

  • With a trendy design, you can wear it to any occasion

  • Easily see the time in the dark from afar with backlight

  • Digital Military Alarm Chrono Watch 

  • Waterproof construction 

  • Shock-resistant and durable for harsh conditions 

  • Large, easily readable screen

  • Not visible

  • Waterproof to a lower extent

  • Professionals do not write instructions

  • Difficult to read

  • The band is not durable

  • Good for kids

Factors that should be avoided while buying watches under 30$

There are many different brands of watches out there, so it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. However, there’s something that every man should know before buying his first timepiece:

Best men’s wristwatch will give him an elegant look while still having all the features they need in order not to miss any important information like deadlines at work.

It doesn’t matter what type of person wears them – whether professional businessperson who needs real alarms on their watch; sports fanatics with competitive spirit (and fitness tracker); chic+chattery maven needing constant updates.

About social media trends, everyone wants sleek yet functional design coupled with quality materials.

Avoid excessive decorations

Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect watch. For example, when looking for a stainless steel or leather band, avoid watches with excessive decorations on them because they will only distract from your outfit instead of enhancing its appeal as desired in this situation.

Instead, try finding out what type of metal makes up their case. Hence, if possible, invest accordingly based on this information since even though plastic-made materials can be durable too.

There may still not compare quality-wise with composite ones, which consist mainly of synthetic plastics combined alongside other naturally occurring elements like carbon fibers.

Among others, while being able to maintain strength without flexing under pressure unlike previous varieties but cost less than conventional metals.

Avoid Leather straps

Wearing a watch with an inexpensive leather or fake-leather strap is not ideal. These materials will show wear, quickly becoming torn and frayed on your wrist if you have the misfortune of wearing one every day at work.

Whether investing in something more durable like fabric straps, for example, will depend entirely upon what type of lifestyle choices are made before receiving a said gift.

But it’s best never to assume anything when buying watches without checking first just because its price seems too good to be true.

Beware of the fake watch

The average person may not know that a fake watch is considered more dangerous than the real one. The only way you can tell the difference between them is other people will always think, It’s authentic if they see your wristwatch because it looks too good.

Whether someone knows what “fake” means or not matters less when all eyes are on yours- even those supposed to believe in authenticity don’t want anything associated with knockoffs and frauds.

Our Best Selection for You

Conclusion – Best Cheap Watches Under $30

Suppose you are in the market for a stylish watch but don’t want to spend more than $30 on it. Our team has done hard work and narrowed down these top timepieces with a style that won’t break your wallet.

Whether you are looking for an inexpensive gift or just need to replace your lost one–you’ll find something perfect. Which type of watch caught your fancy?