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Tissot Watches Review – Are Tissot Watches Good Watch Brand?

When it comes to watches, there are a lot of different brands to choose from. If you’re looking for a quality Swiss watch, Tissot is a great option.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the best Tissot watches available and what makes them so special. Whether you’re looking for a casual everyday watch or something more dressy, Tissot has something for everyone. Keep reading to learn more!

After reading this complete article, we promise that your question about whether or not they are Tissot watches is a good quality brand should now be answered!

History of Tissot watch

Tissot is a luxury brand Swiss watchmaker with roots that date back to 1853. The company’s history includes a few key moments, such as their first pocket-watch in 1870 and the introduction of the T-Touch innovation in 1989.

Tissot watches are both affordable and versatile for any occasion. They offer many different styles, colors, and sizes that can suit anyone’s needs. Whether you need a dressy or casual timepiece, Tissot has something for everyone!

They succeeded with their first watch, made from gold and sold for just $150 (approximately $3,000 today).

Today, you can find all different types of watches from Tissot, including men’s and women’s watches and children’s watches. To learn more about this beautiful Swiss company, Tissot watch brands, read on!

Is Tissot watches good?

From the time it was founded, Tissot has been innovating and producing beautiful watches. From Switzerland to more than 150 countries, people have come to love their products for many reasons: they’re durable, affordable, and well made.

Tissot’s expansion to Russia was made possible when the third generation from the Tissot family, Charles Tissot, went to Moscow in 1885.

He just so happened to meet a beautiful Russian woman by chance, and they married quickly then; he settled down at his new home there as an ambassador for Switzerland.

The Tissot watch brand has a long-lasting connection with Russia. The Swiss company even became widely known in the court of Tsar Alexander II as one of his favorite brands to wear since they first began selling their watches there decades ago.

How is the Tissot watch quality

Tissot, the company, has been around for more than 150 years and is still widely known across the globe as a quality watchmaker.

With its foundation in place, Tissot grew by expanding to meet new heights of success under Swatch Group’s management; yet this popularity was not easy-earned.

They had faced many challenges throughout their history, including wartime, when all production had halted until 1944. Still, with perseverance, they continue on today, standing firm despite struggles past or present among competitors because “quality comes first”.

For over one hundred fifty years now, and even though there are countless other brands out there vying for people’s attention, Tissot continues to be globally recognized as an excellent purveyor of watches.

Tissot is a Swiss brand that specializes in making high-quality watches at an affordable price. Tissot has been able to do this mainly because of its efficient manufacturing and being in the Swatch Group, responsible for Omega, Longinus, and Blancpain – all known for their quality timepieces.

If you are looking for an elegant watch, the Tissot line of watches is not overlooked. Most can typically range between $200-$1,000 and feature quality that surpasses its price point in many cases.

One of their most popular models, the Tissot Visodate, was introduced in 1953 and continues to be on people’s wish lists as time passes.

This model features an exclusive automatic self-winding movement with a date calendar function at the six o’clock position. This design detail makes it one of our favorites for dress watches under $500.

The brand also offers plenty more innovative designs such as its Le Locale, which landed on our list of best dress watches under 500 bucks thanks to it being fitted with Powermatic 80 technology used for displaying accurate elapsed hours without any need for adjustments over a period up five days or longer.

Material of Tissot watches

Tissot watches are made of high-quality materials that provide the wearer with a long-lasting timepiece. The quality of Tissot’s watch parts is one of the reasons why they are so popular among watch enthusiasts.

It is thought that a Tissot watch can last up to three generations because its parts and pieces are so well constructed. This post will discuss some materials used in manufacturing Tissots, such as stainless steel, rubber, leather, and sapphire crystal glass.

If you’re looking for a new timepiece or have been considering picking up an old favorite from your father or grandfather’s collection, this blog post will tell you about some of the details you might want to keep in mind before making your purchase.

Design and straps of Tissot watches

Tissot watches are designed for the man or woman looking for a fashionable watch that can be worn any day of the week. They have many different models to choose from, each with its unique personality and style.

There are some features that all Tissot watches share: Swiss-made, Tissot watches are water-resistant up to 100 meters, and scratch-resistant metal cases.

Stainless steel watches have durable straps that are interchangeable, and come in various styles depending on your mood! Whether you need one for work or play, Tissot has got you covered. You won’t find another brand like it!

Movement of Tissot watches

The movement of the Tissot watch is probably the most significant factor determining the core of Tissot’s brand in this review comes from their calibers.

And it will be good news to those who are already fans of theirs since only a few could match them at any given price point.

The majority has come from recognized Swiss producer ETA for many years now. Their flagship Caliber is Powermatic 80, which boasts an impressive 80 hours of power reserve!

Is Tissot a luxury watch brand?

Is Tissot a luxury watch brand
Is Tissot a luxury watch brand

The most askable question around most people is Tissot a luxury brand? According to other watch brands, Tissot watches are a middle-level watch brand found in the Swatch Group Portfolio.

Tissot is just above entry-level watch brands like Flik Flak and Swatch, but it still provides quality timepieces with stylish flair at an affordable price point.

Where to buy Tissot watches?

If you’re looking for a Tissot watch brand of middle level, there are several options to choose from. The first is the official store of Tissot itself, but what makes this option so expensive?

For one thing, they never offer any discounts or promotions on their watches, and at catalog prices, buyers will likely find themselves paying over $1k just to get started!

If budget isn’t an issue, though, then by all means, take advantage of the security measures offered only in real-time with your purchase.

Tissot watches are available worldwide – from the United States to Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

On their official website, you can find a store locator for easy access to your local stores or service centers; they also have an expansive selection of new models and best sellers on display when browsing online.

If interested in purchasing authentic Tissot watches through Amazon, there are over 1 thousand different styles at all different prices so that everyone has the opportunity to get one no matter what budget they’re working with.

If you find a Tissot watch you love at an unbeatable price on Amazon, don’t hesitate to purchase – most of the time, these watches are authentic and certified products from authorized sellers.

And if anything goes wrong with your order, you can always return or exchange it for another style!

Is Tissot watches good for you?

Tissot watch is a Swiss brand that specializes in making high-quality watches at an affordable price. Tissot has been able to do this mainly because of its efficient manufacturing and being in the Swatch Group, responsible for Omega, Longinus, and Blancpain – all known for their quality timepieces.

If you are looking for an elegant watch, the Tissot line of watches is not overlooked. Most can typically range between $100-$1,000 and feature quality that surpasses its price point in many cases.

Where are Tissot watches made?

Tissot watches made
Tissot watches made

Tissot watches are not like any other watch out there. The reason for this is their Swiss quality, which makes them a favorite among collectors and everyday Joes alike.

To be considered an actual Swiss-made product, it must use the finest of movements that only Switzerland can provide and undergo assembly in Switzerland to make sure all components meet an extraordinarily high standard with a precision never seen before.

Since the very beginning, Tissot’s headquarters and factory have been located in Le Coclé, Switzerland. No matter what you’re looking for when it comes to watches by this company, one thing is sure: all parts (including movements) are designed and produced onsite.

The best part about this is that production costs make sense with everything being handled domestically while still allowing them high-quality materials at more affordable prices than other industry moguls can offer.

Since its inception in 1853, Tissot has always had a presence both as an office space and manufacturing facility within its home country of Switzerland – no matter if you’re after something fancy or need a standard watch to track time during work hours.

Reliability of Tissot Watches

True to its Swiss heritage, the Tissot brand is well known for making quality watches that will last. Nevertheless, when you’re shopping around and come across a watch claiming.

It’s from this renowned company but doesn’t have any proof of authenticity aside from an image on the website or price tag in store (and these days even those take some investigation), beware!

Many fake replica brands are floating out there with designs almost identical enough so as not to be easily distinguishable by first-time buyers; make your decision wisely before investing too much into something unproven.

Recently, they have become popular because of the high quality and low prices of their watches online. This makes them an appealing option for most people looking to buy themselves or someone special as a gift while still sticking within budget.

Rolex may rank as one of the most popular luxury watchmakers in history due primarily to their long lineup of iconic models such as Submariner and Daytona.

Avoiding fake Tissot products starts with awareness: if you see something too. Find the perfect Tissot watch at your dream price with this guide!

Whether you’re shopping for a gift or treating yourself, finding an authentic new-in-box piece can be challenging. Luckily there are some tips and tricks that will help steer anyone in the right direction when looking to purchase one of these popular Swiss watches:

First off, remember that legit Tissot usually watches start around $150; anything less than that should raise red flags (also remember, many online stores offer seasonal discounts).

The serial number is another way to make sure you’re buying from somewhere reputable–if they don’t provide it on their listing, then beware. Counterfeit watches are trickier to spot than you would think.

They might look similar, but when held up against a genuine watch, there is no contest: the replica will always feel cheaper and lighter in your hands.

If it’s attached to a bracelet (rather than strapped), then every time you move or shake your wrist, you can hear that tiny rattle sound that distinguishes these fakes from their legitimate counterparts.

If they don’t have all of those telltale signs – light-weight materials, shoddy construction – even just by looking at sub-dials for chronographs with non-moving functions on them being distinctly different from functioning ones?

And lastly but equally if not more important is checking where exactly your product was. We have to be careful when people try and sell us watches.

We can only know whether it is genuine or not by asking the seller if they managed to snap a photo of its backside, where you will find all sorts of identifying details, such as a serial number.

It’s worth noting that Tissot always puts these 9-11 character numbers on the back without any spaces or dashes between them, so keep an eye out.

How to check the originality of the Tissot watch?

Are you going to purchase a Tissot watch? If so, do not be ashamed! Instead, proudly show it off and share your wisdom with others.

Many people out there want to look like they can afford expensive things but cannot keep up the charade for long – which is where the fake watches come in handy.

Here’s how to spot Tissot watch them:

1) Look at what type of metal material was used on the outside casing (brass or gold).

2) Check if all components such as dials match each other, including color & shape

3) Try shaking parts of it by hand; does anything fall loose inside that shouldn’t

4) And try opening any doors too!

When purchasing a Tissot watch, it is always advisable to buy from authorized dealer points. It’s also worth considering if the seller has any reviews for their products on Amazon or websites like eBay and Alibaba, where there are many trusted sellers with verified ratings.

If you have doubts about the authenticity of your product, then do not hesitate to contact customer service at info@tissot.com.

An actual Tissot watch should be able to tell by looking that they all come with an engraved letter “T” on its winding knob, which is another way of assuring them as authentic, but this isn’t enough to hold onto it when having the timepiece will make sure you can feel its weight which means quality in design.

Who makes Tissot Watches?

The Tissot brand has been keeping its headquarters in the Swiss town of Le Locle, meaning that all watches are entirely made within Switzerland. This means sourcing materials locally as well as assembling and inspecting them onsite.

The manufacturing costs become cheaper due to these factors, which allows the watchmaker to offer their timepieces at affordable prices while still providing a quality product from start to finish – something you don’t always see nowadays!

Do they manufacture their movements or use one from another company?

As one of the world’s top watchmakers, Tissot doesn’t manufacture most of its movements. They mainly use ETA movements for their watches which can be commonly seen in brands that belong to The Swatch Group.

However, some other brands, such as Omega and Briquet, develop their Movement instead, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to find a good quality timepiece from these labels.

Tissot is known worldwide as one of the best manufacturers when it comes to making watches with great style and excellent craftsmanship – but they’re also widely known for how much they cherish tradition by maintaining classic designs while still incorporating modern elements into everything they make.

The Swiss conglomerate Swatch Group has many brands under it. They are successful because they share research and development among the different companies to keep prices low for their consumers while still providing quality movements that set time standards worldwide.


Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium

Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium watch

The Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium stainless steel Swiss-made watch is a classically styled dress watch that’s just a little wider, thicker, and more substantial than earlier generation watches.

It has an understated design with sparse indices and minimal text, which allows them time to be read at first glance without any fuss or bother.

The Gentleman is a sleek, well-designed watch with an intriguing exhibition back. The detailing in this watch is hidden behind the functional case, but it can be viewed through its transparent glass panel on one side of the dial.



Tissot offers various great chronograph swiss watches, and the PR 100 is one of their best options for an affordable yet stylish watch.

This 41mm stainless steel quartz timepiece can be had on Jomashop or used markets at lower prices than retail, which makes it classy and practical!

The PR100 features sturdy pushers, and 30m water resistance with lumed hands. With black dials in addition to silver, there’s sure to be something that will suit your style preferences while still keeping you within budget!

Tissot’s range of high-end Swiss-made luxury fashion watches is some of the most sought-after products on today’s market – so much.

The PR100 is a sleek-looking, simple chronograph watch. The dials for the timepieces are not distracting and do an excellent job of disappearing into the background when needed.

Still, they can be legible as well – especially with their two interchangeable leather or steel bands that make it easy to match your outfit without drawing too much attention away from something else.

Tissot Gent XL Swissmatic

Are Tissot Watches Good Brand in 2021
Tissot Gent XL Swissmatic watch

One of the best Tissot automatic watches is the Gent XL a robust stainless steel watch brand Tissot with personality. It has a field-watch vibe, but it’s not too sporty for everyday use and can be dressed up or down as needed.

The Gent Swissmatic stainless steel watch’s 43mm case size makes this timepiece larger than most military watches on the market today, giving it that vintage feels to its design while maintaining modern functionality.

With a brown leather strap, you get a more casual look without sacrificing formality– perfect for your everyday needs.

Tissot Heritage 1948

Tissot Heritage 1948 Watch
Tissot Heritage 1948 Watch

This watch is one of the most expensive on the list. It has everything a collector might want, with an ETA automatic chronograph that’s lovingly decorated to look like something from another era – it oozes vintage charm in every detail.

At just under 40mm (a modest size), this piece can be bought with either a leather strap or Milanese bracelet and comes complete with hesalite crystal, which also makes it more affordable for those who prefer acrylic as opposed to sapphire crystals.

For a watch of this price, the design is full of character. The off-white dial and stainless steel case complement each other, and the sub-dials are subtle.

The Tissot brand offers quality Swiss watches for both high-end buyers as well as those looking to find more affordable options in their search for an elegant timepiece that will last them years.

With care taken by someone who has complete knowledge about all things related to luxury brands so they can find just what suits them best without sacrificing any features or style points which could be found on many higher-end models sold at much more fabulous prices.

Tissot Automatic Couturier

Tissot Automatic Couturier Watch
Tissot Automatic Couturier Watch

The Couturier chronograph stainless steel Tissot a luxury brand watch features a white face with hand-applied markers and an 18k rose gold bezel.

The dial is encased in scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, ensuring that this timeless timepiece will remain pristine for years to come.

The first thing you’ll notice when gazing at the face of this extraordinary masterpiece is its elegant design – all while still maintaining the classic elements of any modern-day dress watch: namely, legibility and ease-of-use via crown control or push-button operation, depending on your preference.

The Couturier is a state-of-the-art product featuring a 43 mm stainless steel casing that provides both strengths to avoid damage while still looking elegant; Silver indices make reading easy and provide clarity during any circumstance or environment.

A Sapphire Crystal window helps prevent scratches by covering up delicate parts of your crucial accessory, making it resilient against daily use yet retaining its sophisticated look at all times.

The Couturier is the perfect watch for those who want a stylish timepiece that’s not too flashy. The day-date complication on this one was designed to add balance and symmetry to the dial with its clean aesthetic design while maintaining an elegant feel without being overly ornate or chunky like other watches of similar style may be.

This classic look comes at a fairly steep cost, though, as it starts around $800-$900 depending on your choice of different metal options.

Warranty policy of Tissot Watch

Tissot watches come with a 2-year warranty, covering material and manufacturing defects that existed at purchase. Make sure you have a Tissot dealer date, fill it out entirely, and stamp your documentation!

The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover normal wear or tear, damage caused by abnormal use (like dropping it on the floor), battery life, or mishandling from unauthorized persons.


Are Tissot Watches a Good Brand:

We hope that this article has helped you gain a better understanding of the world of Tissot watches. Now you are capable to decide the best Tissot watch for yourself and others…

Tissot has been in the business of manufacturing watches for a long time now, and they have proven themselves as one of the top brands out there.

Tissots are excellent picks when it comes to gifting someone on your list this holiday season. And if you thought finding something beautiful was challenging given how many different designs exist these days- think again!

The site quickly filters down what will work best for people based on their specific style preferences, so browsing becomes much more enjoyable while still keeping up with quality makes and models to choose from.

Tissot is a Swiss watch company with an extensive history of quality and affordability. They are one of the most successful companies globally but will not break your bank to own their watches.

The Tissot name is well-known in watches because they are trustworthy companies with so much exciting history behind them. You’ll love their Swiss heritage!

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