Orient Watches Review, And What Makes It Special

Orient watches are some of the most popular and affordable on the market. They’re known for their quality, and they’re a great investment for any watch lover.

If you’re looking to get into this hobby without breaking your budget, Orient is a good place to start!

Do you have an interest in Orient Watches? This blog post will show you why they are so popular among watch lovers, and how they can be the perfect starter piece for anyone who wants to get started with this hobby.

Are Orient Watches Good?

Are Orient Watches Good
Are Orient Watches Good

There are many brands of watches, from fashion to sports and everything in between. No matter what type you’re looking for, there is a watch out there that will suit your needs. We want to make sure you’re making the best choice for your lifestyle and budget.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the pros and cons of each type of watch so you can make an informed decision about which is right for you. Keep reading to find out.

Background of Orient watches

Although the Orient watch company was founded in 1950, its roots may be traced back to 1901, when Shogoro Yoshida began selling foreign pocket watches.

The company didn’t stop there, as it eventually moved on from importing products and manufacturing them under its name in 1934 with the first watch that laid a solid foundation for success over the next decade!

Orient was able to weather the Quartz Revolution in the 1970s because it chose to continue mass-producing mechanical watches.

The company’s dedication and persistence paid off when Orient became one of the only significant watchmakers still making these types of timepieces by 1980, which contributed significantly to its rise as a leading luxury brand that same year.

Orient used to be a small-time watch company that made mechanical watches when Seiko Epson bought it. Today, Orient is owned by one of the three core companies in the world’s second-largest producer of wristwatches: Seiko Group.

Besides making some classic and popular vintage models like their famous Bambino line, they also produce equally reliable quartz styles for those who want something more technical or less expensive than an automatic timepiece with a Swiss movement.

Orient has been around since 1950s Japan as a family business tasked with producing quality pocket wearables such as digital calculators before being acquired by one of 3 significant manufacturers within today’s global market a Japanese multinational conglomerate called “Seiko.” With headquarters located just.

Quality and Performance of Orient Watches

The quality of Orient watches is evident in both their appearance and performance.

The company uses high-quality materials to construct its timepieces, which is evident in the weight and feel of the watches.

Orient also uses sapphire crystal for most of their watch faces, which is a sign of a high-quality watch.

This type of crystal is scratch-resistant and can withstand many wears and tear.

Orient watches are also known for their reliability and accuracy. The company’s watches are powered by either quartz or mechanical movements, known for their accuracy.

Orient’s watches also go through a rigorous testing process to ensure that they meet the company’s high standards for quality.

Watch Materials

Orient uses various materials to construct its watches, including stainless steel, leather, and gold.

The company’s use of these high-quality materials results in timepieces built to last.

Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials used in watchmaking because it is strong and resistant to corrosion.

Leather is also a popular choice for watchbands because it is comfortable and can be easily adjusted to fit different wrist sizes.

Gold is sometimes used in watchmaking, but it is not as common as stainless steel or leather because it is more expensive.

Watch Design

Orient pieces are a popular choice for those who want to mix their traditional watch with something new. The design is quite distinguishable, and the majority of models have Roman numerals or indices on them.

One trademark that Orient watches often feature is shaded dark blue, grey, black, and white dials accompanied by italic writing stating either the movement type or water resistance level.

Orient has a vast selection of dive-purpose wristwear that is highly appreciated in the dive community.

What makes them unique is their suitability for diverse occasions – modest dials, sleek design, and versatile case sizes ensure that an Orient piece would do just fine, whatever the event.


Orient offers a variety of dial colors for their watches, including black, white, blue, and green. The company’s use of different dial colors allows customers to choose a watch that best suits their style.

Case Sizes

Orient offers a variety of case sizes for their watches, including small, medium, and large. The company’s use of different case sizes allows customers to choose a watch that best fits their wrist size.

Band Sizes

Orient offers a variety of band sizes for their watches, including small, medium, and large. The company’s different band sizes allow customers to choose a watch that best fits their wrist size.

Water Resistance

Orient’s watches are water-resistant, which means they can withstand exposure to water without damage.

The company’s use of water-resistant materials and construction techniques allows its watches to be worn in various settings, including the pool, beach, or shower.


Orient watches use either quartz or mechanical movements. Quartz movements are powered by batteries, while mechanical movements are powered by springs.

Quartz movements are known for their accuracy, while mechanical movements are known for durability.

Orient’s use of both types of movement results in timepieces that are accurate and durable.


Orient watches go through a rigorous testing process to ensure that they meet the company’s high standards for quality.

The testing process includes a variety of tests, such as drop tests and water resistance tests.

Orient’s dedication to quality ensures that its watches will withstand wear and tear.

Pros and Cons of Orient Watches

Orient watches have a lot of great features that make them a good choice for anyone looking for a new watch. However, there are also some drawbacks to consider before making your purchase.


  • Orient watches are known for their quality construction and materials.
  • The company uses sapphire crystal for most of its watch faces, which is a sign of a high-quality watch.
  • Orient watches are also known for their reliability and accuracy.
  • The company’s watches are powered by either quartz or mechanical movements, both known for their accuracy.


  • Some people may not like the fact that Seiko owns Orient.
  • Orient watches are not as widely available as some other brands.
  • Some Orient watches can be on the expensive side.

What do Orient watches cost?

a men wear watch on left hand
men wear a watch on their left hand

The ordinary Orient watch will cost less than $300, while their vintage dive watches (Ray II, Mako II) will cost less than $150.

The clocks in Orient’s Star Collection may reach the top 700s, which is quite uncommon for a budget brand like this.

Where are Orient Watches Made?

People often wonder where Orient Watches are made. Though their products are marketed in the United States, Japan, and elsewhere worldwide, they make all of their watches right here on Canadian soil!

They design every watch for both men and women to offer a stylish product that also meets your needs as an individual.

The company does not outsource the job to other countries, nor do they equip their watches with movements from outside producers. Instead, Orient manufactures them entirely in-house and is one of few companies that practice this technique today.

It’s not easy to find a watch that is 100% made in Japan. The Orient Star watches are the closest you can get, but many of their other models are assembled overseas, and it isn’t clear where they’re coming from.

A look at Hong Kong as an idea for production origin leaves one with more questions than answers- there may be something going on behind closed doors over there!

Orient watches are made in various locations, but as long as they maintain their durability and good looks, the brand is not to be messed with.

Another question that remains unanswered by those who would argue against Orient’s legitimacy is whether or not it matters where precisely on Earth these timepieces were assembled?

Even Swiss luxury brands source parts from Asia, while Apple assembles iPhones in China- does this make any difference when purchasing an Oriental watchmaker product?

The answer lies somewhere between yes and no; However, the location may have little bearing for assembly purposes nowadays because even Switzerland sources some components abroad (Apple too).

Japanese know-how can never be underestimated due to its deep roots within each beautifully crafted piece.

Orient watches review
Orient watches review

The Warranty Policy of Orient Watches

When you purchase a watch, it’s important to know the repair and warranty policies. Orient guarantees their watches for one year from the original date of purchase, but only if they experience a failure under everyday use due to defects in material or workmanship.

Orient promises to repair your watch should it break, but there’s a catch. If you use the wrong chemicals on it or don’t wipe up spilled milk promptly enough, Orient won’t be liable for any damages arising from this carelessness.

Likewise, suppose you drop your watch and crack its protective glass face because you didn’t know about their unique screensaver stickers (available at orientwatchcoinc.com).

In that case, they’re not going to refund or replace your broken timepiece so long as all other parts are still in working order!

Where Can You Purchase ​Orient Watches?

Orient Watches are available for purchase on their website. The Orient Watch Company has a section of new arrivals, where you can find the latest models and styles just waiting to be worn by someone who loves them as much as I do!

The closeout page also allows shoppers easy access to watches that have been deeply discounted because they were either sold out or loved too much.

You will see different looks from people around social media with these items- what better way to feel confident in your style than through others’ eyes?

Orient Watches offers many options for how you want your watch: if it’s a brand spanking new, deep discounts wait near closing time, or maybe something more traditional suits.

Compare With Other Brands?

Compare to other brands

Are Orient watches good: It has been in the watch industry for over a hundred years; however, few people know it. Orient is often overshadowed by other brands that are more popular and well-known, such as Rolex or Girard Perregaux’s.

Orient’s position in the world of watches seems to be overlooked mainly because they don’t possess any popularity compared to these long-standing companies like Rolex or Girard Perregauge.

There are many dive watches on the market, but some of the best come from Orient. One great thing about these is that they have a very affordable price point for what you get in terms of quality and looks.

They also happen to be more popular than Seiko with people who prefer their style over other brands.

Why Should You Buy an Orient Watch?

What I love about Orient is that you can never go wrong with any of their popular models. They are the perfect entry-level watch for anyone who wants to try owning mechanical watches for the first time.

They have been successful in being a gateway drug into the whole automatic watch addiction world. But what sets them apart from other brands and target markets?

That’s why I’ve made this list of 6 reasons (in no particular order) as to why the Orient makes good sense too!

1. Japanese craftsmanship and quality

Orient watches are known for their quality. The company is solely dedicated to precision, and they design, build, and manufacture all of the products themselves from Japanese standards in high-quality craftsmanship that will last you years.

2. Designs that are innovative and creative

Orient’s innovative designs and creativity in manufacturing watches have made it a popular name globally. Its iconic, identifiable design can often lure customers by its uniqueness to make an impulse purchase for their next watch.

3. Using Internal Movements

Orient Watch is a company proud to manufacture and produce mechanical movements in-house. Like Seiko, Orient watch gets a nod from watch snobs because they are considered real for building their calibers inside the factory.

One of these popular caliber 46 series has been housed in the Mako I and Ray 1 model since its introduction years ago, which speaks volumes about how tough this movement is considering it was manufactured by Orient themselves with quality control standards that rival any other brand out there today!

4. Many Markets and Budgets are catered to

Like what Seiko has done with their models and lineup, Orient has also created different models and lineups to suit every budget for everyone.

I think this was the right move by Orient because it attracted potential owners from all walks of life and captured the maximum amount of its target markets.

From entry-level Orient watches from Oriental Star (mid-range) or Royal Orients currently discontinued due to a lack of demand since 2016), there is always something that will cater specifically to you within your price range without compromising quality!

5. Cost-effective and accessible

Orient watches are notoriously known to be very affordable and economical to potential buyers and owners. Orient is also a gateway drug into automatic watch addiction, where people can buy an entire collection of Orients because they’re so cheap!

6. Timekeeping that is dependable

Mechanical watches are a luxury. They’re not cheap, and there’s nothing more frustrating than looking at your watch to see that it has stopped ticking when you need the time.

This is why mechanical watches rely on gears spinning for them to work correctly – so as long as this gear doesn’t stop moving, they will always be accurate!

I have personally owned both an Orient Ray and Bambino by Seiko, and they’ve never let me down once during their two-year warranty: each gains about between +6 seconds per day which falls well below COSC standards of -4/+6 seconds a day!

So, Are Orient Watches Good?

One of the aims of this Orient watches review is to determine whether it meets industry standards.

When a watch manufacturer decides to describe its products with adjectives like “quality” and “reliable,” they are only for publicity purposes until confirmed by people who wear them on their wrists daily.

While many brands fail in doing so, then Orient exceeds these terms without a small margin but several ones as all confirmed by those who own one!

Conclusion of Orient watches

At the conclusion of this article, you will be able to decide Are Orient watches are good for me. With a history of excellence and innovation in the watch industry, Orient is one brand that you can count on to provide quality products.

They understand what customers are looking for – reliability, style, and affordability. Whether it’s their high-end luxury watches or their professional dive timepieces, they have something for everyone.

If you want an affordable yet great mechanical movement watch with all the bells and whistles (literally), then make sure to check out our selection at The Watch Company today!

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