Invicta Watches Review -Are Invicta Watches Good Brand?

If you don’t know which Invicta watch is right for you, how can you buy one? You’ve arrived at your destination. Welcome to our best Invicta watches review article.

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Invicta, which comes from the ancient Latin term “invincible,” was founded in 1837 by Swiss watchmaker Raphael Picard. He would oversee the company until the second half of the twentieth century when others took over him and his descendants.

Invicta began by producing high-quality mechanical watches, just like any other timepiece manufacturer at the time.

Still, when Quartz became available, they switched gears, putting them on a different path than their competitors, who were stuck with traditional movements for the rest of their lives after adopting more advanced technology decades ago.

Invicta, the company that had been building watches since before Quartz was a thing in the 1970s, couldn’t withstand it.

The so-called crisis is also known as a revolution because of how abrupt and sudden everything happened. It fundamentally changed watchmaking for both better and worse depending on your perspective.

While companies like Invicta lost their footing, new markets opened up for cheaper Invicta wrist watches due to this cheapening effect that Quartz brought about!

How good are Invicta Watches?

Are Invicta Watches Good Brand
Is Invicta watch a good quality brand

The company has grown to become one of America’s best watchmakers. Intending to produce affordable Swiss watches for nearly anyone with any budget and taste preference, they have done so with success! Many Invicta watches are available under $100 – which is unheard of in today’s market.

The three-year warranty that comes standard on each purchase can be seen as both an asset and drawback – but it provides safety against damage from everyday wear and tears while still being able to enjoy your new timepiece without fear of losing it after only two years due to its short lifespan.

The truth about Invicta watches

Invicta has been around for over 130 years, but its Swiss heritage is only a tiny part of what makes the company tick. Many Invicta watches are made in Asia, and many use Japanese quartz movements rather than ones from Switzerland.

With their glamorous appearance, the Invicta watches are alluring enough for customers to purchase. They want people to think that they’re wearing a high-end watch without having it be so expensive since they have such low prices.

Is Invicta a good watch brand?

In the world of Swiss timekeeping, Invicta is a minor player. But with their affordable prices and a wide variety of styles that can be customized to suit any taste, they go toe-to-toe with other watchmakers in this market segment.

The million-dollar question remains: does it deliver on both parts of its mission statement? In terms of value, they certainly produce some beautiful products at an incredibly fair price point. Still, when talking about quality, there are questions worth considering.

Not every product bearing the iconic name “Invicta” has been crafted according to traditional Swiss standards, raising essential considerations for collectors who prize each detail within these fine watches.

Are Invicta watches good quality

Are Invicta watches good quality
Are Invicta watches good quality

It is no secret that Invicta watches are some of the most affordable on the market, but what does this mean in terms of quality? The manufacturer has been promoting their products as Swiss-made with a “Swiss tradition,” yet reports have also questioned how much value these claims offer.

While it’s true that not every watch from Invicta features Swiss timekeeping engineering–some rely more heavily on Japanese movements, for example–they do still produce many models proudly carrying both types (Japanese and Swiss).

 Invicta watches are a fusion of old and new, combining traditional design principles with high-tech materials. The result is an exciting balance between classic heritage and bold designs for the future. The Invicta Company is well-known for its use of stainless steel.

This material can withstand falls and knocks, as it has a high corrosion resistance to protect the watch from rusting. The bands are also made of metal, with polyurethane or silicone straps being offered in addition to steel ones.

A special Flame Fusion crystal protects the dial coverings when most mineral crystals do not give any such thing; however, these two materials have very similar attributes, making them excellent choices for long-lasting wear no matter what type you choose!

If you collect timepieces, then it’s likely that you’ve come across Invicta before now – they have only recently risen to prominence thanks to their captivating combination of tradition and modernity in watchmaking.

While most people may not notice this at first glance because many Invicta looks like more expensive versions (though surprisingly affordable), once one learns about them, there can be no denying how unique these pieces are!

How much are Invicta watches worth

Invicta has successfully switched from producing minimalist analog watches to flashy ones to the demand for bling wristwear. In the end, it doesn’t matter if a watch is Swiss or not. What determines success in Invicta watches is its design and clever marketing campaign.

Aesthetic considerations also play an integral role in determining which pieces are winners for this company; cheap but beautiful designs marketed well will always be more successful than expensive timepieces with uninspiring appearances. 

This points to clear class distinctions between those who can afford high-end luxury items like Rolex–and everyone else trying to make ends meet on just one salary by shopping at Walmart.

The Swiss line has been an excellent medium for Invicta to maintain the ever-important reputation of their goods. The primary goal was not just profit but also to maintain some part of this rich heritage to use it as an advertising strategy and raise its profile amongst customers who appreciate quality products with meaningful origins.

Most popular Invicta watches

Most popular Invicta watches
Most popular Invicta watches

Invicta Pro-Diver Collection

Invicta’s Pro Diver collection is a great place to start if you think about an Invicta watch. With a range of colors and movements, this company offers watches that will remind you of your favorite Rolex Submariner (typically run for many thousands).

 However, they only cost hundreds in these cases–and still, give the wearer bragging rights with their attractive look on one’s wrist. This watch is made for the classic diver who needs a reliable timepiece to tell them how long they have been underwater.

The Seiko SKX007 and 009 are great options, but so is Glycine Combat Sub if you’re looking for something different. The most contemporary of the three pieces is a black Chronograph with gold accents, which features an easy-to-read day/date dial located at six o’clock.

This timepiece has two different colors for its strap and offers you a more sophisticated look than other watches in this collection.

Invicta Angel Collection

Invicta is now targeting females who want something different than what you usually see on every street corner; Invicta is making a name for itself with its watches!

You can have an iconic timepiece like no other: one of three sub-dials featured up to a 60-second timer and elapsed minutes; another displays seconds ticking away as well as hour and minute hands on its face while the last shows both day and date at once.

So your future will always be clear under all circumstances. So if basic black isn’t quite doing it for you anymore or maybe even ever was. 

Invicta Aviator Collection

This classy collection of watches is perfect for any aviator. The extra dials are designed to make it easy and convenient to measure the most critical information during a flight, including elapsed time or speed.

This way, if you’re ever in an emergency up there high above the clouds, these watches will be your best friend. Invicta is one of the most famous watch companies because they offer great value for your money.

They have a diverse line-up that ranges from simple, everyday watches to more expensive luxurious items and everything in between. Their Aviator collection has some beautiful styles with three dials on either side of the crown (2 o’clock-4 o clock).

These watches are durable, sleek, and reliable. With a stainless steel casing (that is both stylish and resistant to corrosion), and metal clasps on the strap for that quality feel as well as quartz movement – this watch will never let you down!

On top of all that, these timepieces come with sapphire crystal glass which doesn’t degrade over time as other materials may.

These watches offer everything from style to reliability in one package – perfect if you’re looking for something sturdy yet still fashionable without breaking your budget. Invicta watches don’t just give you the option of a “run-of-the-mill” aviator watch.

They have many different styles, such as more classic looking with leather straps and GMT models for managing multiple time zones. They offer these varieties in style and their unique chronograph designs to suit your individual needs.

Invicta Speedway Collection 

Invicta watches Speedway Collection
Invicta watches Speedway Collection

If you like to mix up your life between a hectic work schedule and some intense sporting activities, this new Rolex Speedway collection is the perfect watch for you.

A close look at any Daytona model will reveal an homage to one of their most popular watches without paying such an expensive price tag. These models are both sporty looking yet classy enough.

The Rolex Daytona is an iconic model that has been around for a significant amount of time. The Speedway collection pays homage to the sporty, classy, and expensive-looking watch in style with their cross between the Aviator and Pro Diver watches.

This hybrid offers an affordable choice without sacrificing quality or refinement, so if you are on a budget but still want something just as lovely, it would be worth checking out this new line from Breitling.

From the moment you open up this package, it’s clear right away just how much of a statement these watches make. They have all the features one would need to last years with everyday use and plenty more besides.

Swiss quartz movement, chronograph capabilities for those who enjoy timing themselves or others (or even sports), water resistance so they can remain safe from rainstorms or other unexpected weather conditions such as intense heatwaves, scratch-resistant sapphire glass which ensures any damage done is minimalized if not absent altogether.

it goes without saying then that these are fit for almost every occasion imaginable! And when coupled together with an outer bezel tachymeter -a feature many watchmakers may overlook due to its versatility-, Rolex has 

Points to keep in mind

Watch Materials

Here are the types of materials that you might want for your watch. Cases can be made out of different metals, but most Invicta watches will have stainless steel cases.

Instead, what you should be looking at is the strap on your watch: Is it leather, metal, or silicon (or some other type)?

Leather straps work well with the dress because they tend to take more wear-and-tear –while retaining their shape better over time; however, these won’t do as well if there’s sweat involved for obvious reasons.

Silicon or other plastics might have some synthetic feel that works best as diving/swimming bands- though these will never match up against quality natural leather products on features like comfortability.

Metal has weightier benefits when working around water, such as sweating and being cold against the skin during colder months due to its metallic material. 

Size of Watch

A watch is an essential accessory. You want to purchase one that matches your style and has the perfect size for you! For women, a good rule of thumb is 30mm or less (the wider side). If you have larger wrists but still like smaller watches, then go low 40s at most.

 Men can wear anything from about 30-40 mm depending on their preference – make sure it’s not too big to look comical while also making sure it fits right because if not, it will be uncomfortable when worn all day long every day with no break in between.

Watch Design

Invicta Watch Design
Invicta Watch Design

As a watch lover, you may be interested in the style of your new wristwatch. Depending on how much detail you’re looking for while wearing, these can come with different dials and elements that make them more complex or less so.

A dress style is simple but elegant; perfect if all other items are formal too! Chronographs have timers and sundials to help keep track of multiple tasks at once – which would work best based on what type of schedule you follow?

Day/Date watches always show the date and day right there on their face – handy when planning appointments or meetings without needing any additional gadgets like calendars!


After this article, you will decide Are Invicta watches are good for you. Invicta watches are a good brand to buy. They have many popular models with different designs, features, and price points for every buyer.

Plus they’re made from high-quality materials so you can wear your watch comfortably every day without worrying about the band breaking or losing its luster over time.

Whether you want something simple like an automatic movement or a quartz-powered timepiece that is more complicated but still easy to function on your own- there is an Invicta model perfect for any customer looking for a stylish accessory on their wrist.

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