Akribos Watch Review – Is Akribos Watches Good?

Several brands operate globally and make high-quality timepieces at accessible pricing. Akribos is one of them, and their watches are priced under $100.

Do you want to know if Akribos watches are worth the price? They’re affordably priced and feature high quality. Despite being on the lower end of watch brands, they still offer some variety in style with their cool rotating bezels and day-date displays. Now I will explore everything you need to know about the Akribos watch review in this article. Keep Reading…

Akribos Watch

Akribos watches are the latest in luxury timepieces. Akribos is a Swiss watch brand that takes pride in its craftsmanship and high-quality materials used to make the watches.

Akribos offers models with a variety of features. Whether looking for a simple, fashion-forward watch or an extravagant, over-the-top Swiss watch, Akribos has something for everyone.

With a wide range of styles and price points, every type of person can find Akribos at the perfect price point for their wallet and personality.

The watches have been designed by some of the top architects in Switzerland, making them beautiful and timeless. If you are interested in checking out some of these fashionable timepieces today, they can be found on the Akribos website and Amazon.

Is Akribos Watches Good

The Akribos is a ten-year-old American company that created fashionable, traditional, and elegant watches. It employs talented and experienced designers who put hours into creating a watch at a low price.

Men’s and women’s timepieces are available in various styles and prices, with the firm using synthetic sapphire Krystina to ensure its durability.

Akribos watch quality

Akribos watches are a high-quality brand. They have been made with suitable materials and expert craftsmanship, making them last their lifetime beautifully. An Akribos watch is an ideal gift for anyone searching for a stylish accessory or heirloom to carry down through the generations!

Where are Akribos Timepieces Manufactured

From the Greek word Akribos, which translates to “beloved,” “exact,” or “dear.” The bulk of components and timepieces are built in Hong Kong. However, some of their components are made in Switzerland by a Swiss watch company called Micro Stella (Swiss).

You can verify that specific timekeepers display “Swiss” on LCD screens. Not all watches from Akribos clocks are manufactured in Switzerland; some models have parts assembled there.

That’s why many watches from this brand will say they’re made with quartz movements and not mechanical ones like most mainstream brands do for durability purposes like using gold alloy cases instead of steel because it is more durable overall than sturdier steel would be.

Akribos Watch Reputation

Akribos watches is one of the leading watch brands globally, with over half a billion dollars in revenue. Akribos watches have made waves in the watch industry.

They create incredible, unique pieces of jewelry that are unlike anything else on the market. Their products are not just stylish but also trendy and high in quality.

Akribos watches are an exclusive brand with fashion-forward designs and innovative engineering. They pride themselves on creating watches that are practical yet stylish.

Akribos watches recently came out with a new line of smartwatches that helps people keep up with the latest social trends while staying connected to their favorite mobile apps. The watches are designed for people who need to be connected to their phones and look fashionable.

Are Akribos Watches Trustable

As the popularity of fashion watches continues to grow, so does the number of counterfeit and fake watches. One brand that is known for its high quality and authenticity is Akribos. The company has been producing a variety of high-end watches for decades.

From their intricate designs to their Swiss movement and superior craftsmanship, Akribos Watches are worth your time. Unfortunately, they are not without controversy.

Some people believe that they are too expensive, while others think they’re a ripoff. Regardless of whether or not you agree with their price point, it’s essential to be aware of the truth behind these watches before purchasing one.

Review of the Best Akribos Watches

Akribos XXIV Men’s Watch

The Akribos XXIV Men’s Watch AK1022 is a sophisticated timepiece with a Quartz movement and elegant design. The handsome dial features sandblasted grained dial and stainless steel case back. This watch is wrapped in a genuine leather band with 24 hours and day-date functions.

This designer timepiece combines the classic elegance of a fashion watch with the long-lasting sturdiness of a performance timepiece. The polished case is mounted on an aluminum cushion casing with a genuine leather band.

A timeless designer round wristwatch is a simple way to add a touch of timeless beauty to your attire. This sandblasted dial features baton-style hands and attached stick index indicators.

The watch is powered by a quartz movement and features three hands, a 24-hour indication, and a date window. The crown is used to adjust the time by hand and either press down at two o’clock to advance or draw up at six o’clock to reset one day.


Strap Made of Genuine Leather

The dial is sandblasted and has recessed subdials at the six and nine o’clock positions.

3 ATM (30 meters/100 feet) Water Resistant

Movement of Quartz

Sub-dial for the Date Window

Indicator for 24 Hours

Stick Index Applied

Akribos Multifunction Stainless Steel Mesh Bracelet Wristwatch

The Akribos Multifunction Stainless Steel Mesh Bracelet Wristwatch has subdials for the date, day, and 24-hour chronograph. A stainless steel mesh band with a stainless steel buckle completes this designer men’s watch.

The watch contains a date display, a weekday display, and a chronograph. During your training or race, use the chronograph to keep track of your pace and laps.

Are you looking to look and feel your best? These fashion watches will take you to the next level in style. They are also an excellent option for anyone who wants subtle elegance without standing out too much.

They are designed for long-lasting wear and performance in an elegant, refined package. The case is a premium polished steel case with a durable stainless steel mesh band, while the watch has a simple sliding clasp that protects you from unexpected water damage.

This model comes with 5 ATM water resistance (50 meters/165 feet), which means it can stand up to even your most challenging workouts at the gym or on vacation trips near pools, oceans, or lakes!

Refreshing your gear is an excellent approach to give it a more sophisticated appearance. That may be accomplished by using a TMI VX9J with the day of the month, week, and chronograph displays – as well as push and pull crowns – to exude maximum sophistication.


Mesh Bracelet Band Made of Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Round Case – 42mm by 48mm

5 ATM (50m/165′) Waterproof

Dial with a gleaming finish and baton-style hands

Three-Handed Classic

Subdials for Date, Day, and 24 Hour Chronograph

Crown with Logo on Push/Pull

Akribos XXIV Exclusive Men’s

The Skeleton design watch is popular due to its elegant look and visible working parts. This dial’s numbered rings simplify determining the time in all hours, minutes, and seconds!

This timepiece features an exhibition back, complements the open view skeleton design, automatic (self-winding) movement, and a Stuhrling Krysterna crystal. I was not anticipating such a low price for a watch with these features.

These skeleton watches are the ultimate showcase of style. They take any outfit to a level of superior flair, giving the wearer an instant upgrade in appearance.

The broad, genuine leather band features an embossed Alligator design, creating a luxury appeal appropriate for both formal and informal occasions. Its exquisite circular polished silver-tone case and beveled bezel strike the perfect balance of traditional elegance and modern sophistication.


Strap in calfskin leather

30m water resistance (99ft)

Dimensions of the case: 40 x 11.5mm

A movement that occurs automatically (Miyota OS21)

Krysterna crystal is impenetrable to shattering (developed by Stuhrling)

Skeleton dial with 24-hour indications

Why Akribos Watches So Cheap

The Akribos watches are made in Hong Kong, a country known for producing some of the world’s cheapest electronics. Numerous factories create clocks in Hong Kong.

They have low and affordable parts prices since they mass produce them in a variety of locations here but also order components from China, Japan, and Switzerland.

The company imports indeed watch parts from outside countries. However, it assembles them in Hong Kong and produces lower prices for its watches.

It sells products under $100 as well. If you visit their website, you’ll find a choice of items priced between $300 and $500, as well as some timekeepers costing around $900. (the maximum price).

Additionally, the brand produces the cheapest skeleton watch. You can acquire these watches for as little as $150, whereas other manufacturers charge upwards of $5,500.

However, because these are Chinese mechanical skeleton watches, they will not endure indefinitely, and you will not benefit from them if you wear them for only two or three years.

Buying Guide of Akribos Watches

One of the most famous timepieces for men, Akribos watches have a Swiss movement. These durable and reliable classically designed watches can be found in endless designs and styles – Read on to find out more about these excellent wristwatches!

What Makes Their Timepieces So Affordably Priced?

You might be wondering why Akribos watches are so affordable, but the name it carries is likely one of the reasons. After all, heritage is a big deal in watch-making and other high-end consumer goods industries. When you compare these watches to more expensive brands like Timex or Apple Watch, they’re not as thorough as those other devices, making their price tag that much lower!


Is Akribos watch a good brand?

The Akribos utilize a Swiss-made watch mechanism to save money but assemble it in Hong Kong. As a result, the brand is the most acceptable option for watch collectors. Overall, the Akribos timepieces have a high-end design and construction quality for the price. Its design is more beautiful and appealing than certain other well-known brands.

Is Akribos a brand?

The company produces high-quality timepieces at an affordable price. This item is composed of high-quality materials. These watches can be purchased for $20 each and are not impacted by rain or humidity. These clocks resemble traditional pocket watches, yet they are stylish enough to be worn only in the workplace.

Is Akribos worth my time?

There are conflicting reports about this. Some customers claim that the timepieces are durable, while others claim not. Because of its low cost, if your watch lasts two or three years, you will not be out of pocket.

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